Things You Can Do With Your Little Ones to Help Development

A scenario we never thought we will be witnessing and, tadaaa, here comes the Lockdown. This is a time when we don’t have many options for going out for leisure, catching up with friends, shopping, eating at our favourite restaurants, etc. In fact, we are all homebound, doing all the chores by ourselves, working, and managing our little ones.

I am a mother of 2.2-year-old baby and a professional who has high responsibilities. The present situation demands me to juggle all these responsibilities to the best of my capabilities. This lockdown has helped me understand one thing very clearly: “As a mom, I have to be the best teacher for my baby”
Like every working parent, I chose one of the best playschools for my kid to give her the best learning environment but, alas, the lockdown has brought a pause to her joining the session. Being at home with her 24/7 has made me understand the immense capabilities babies have and how can we craft and mould them to learn the best things. Following are a few activities that you can do with your little one and you will be surprised to see how fast they pick up:
1) Early morning family time: During the office schedule, this was never possible. Ensure your little one wakes up early and plays with you and both of you have a small exercise session. You can introduce habits like early morning fruit time as well.
2) Indian chants: I could never imagine that a 2yr old can learn and say Gayatri Mantra and artis so soon. Try this with your little one.
3) Make them a part of the chores: I take help from my child in arranging things in their place and it has helped develop the habit in her to keep her toys back after playing with them.
4) Academic development: I organise a lot of activities that help develop her motor skills, hand-eye coordination, etc. These activities can be sorting, colouring, learning shapes, rhyme singing etc and it’s amazing to see how soon they pick up
5) Independence: This is one of the most important things that we should inculcate in our kids. I try to give her the freedom to explore and do things. Failure is a great teacher and kids learn very fast from them. I let her decide and tell me the outfit she wants to wear. Mine is a self-fed child, so I allow her to choose the food she wants to eat (I give her the three best options that I have and she decides one. Happy she, happy me), and I let her decide the choice of activity she wants, etc.
6) Importance of Sorry, Thank You and Please: My husband and I try to bring out many such instances where she understands the real meaning of these words and she now knows them really well.
7) Family knitting: This lockdown has helped build a really strong bond between families. As parents, we ensure that we do once a week family cooking and she is very much part of that. We bake cakes, doughnuts, icecreams, and pizzas, all at home, in a very healthy manner and enjoy the special cooking time as well.
These are some of the activities you can do with your little ones and enjoy seeing them learn and smile.
Stay safe, stay indoors.

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