What to Do If Kids Don’t Listen to Their Parents


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All the parents have to take care of their child in every front. Now day’s parents are much more concerned about every activity of their children. But sometimes we forget that they are GENERATION ALPHA who are expected to be the wealthiest, most educated, and technologically connected group to date. They know many things that we got familiar with after our schooling, so we start suggesting that they are not too big to take certain decisions or don’t know how to choose their friends and similarly start nagging them for such matters in their childhood.

In this series, one major mistake we make is to start saying to them” that you should do what we are telling you to do. We are much experienced than you; whatever you are doing is not suitable for you, and you may suffer for this if you don’t listen to me.” It would help if you didn’t convey negative words as it may hinder their self-confidence and decision-making.

One should remember that every child is an individual who is born with their fate and destiny. It’s apparent that parents are worried about their kids, but if a child refuses to listen to them instead of saying or thinking negatively, we should try to understand why we are telling them about this. If the child agrees, it’s well and good; if not, always give them positive vibrations through your words, thoughts, and deeds. We can only nurture our children with our teachings.

Positive vibrations could be in the form of BLESSINGS and believing that whatever they do, everything will be alright, and they will get success. Another factor is ACCEPTANCE; that means they are always accepted as they are. Individuals are accepted; the only thing Non-acceptable is their bad habits or impolite behavior.

Blessings and Acceptance will protect your child in every stage of life from the worst situation and turn them into a self-dependent, confident, and self-decision-making person.

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