Being Positive is the Key to Having an Active and Happy Baby

Every pregnancy is different, & every woman seems to enjoy it in her own way. On our 1st anniversary, we started our family planning, & within 2 months, I conceived. On 11th September, at 5:30 a.m. when I got to know I’m pregnant, I was overjoyed. Since that day till now, my husband has been my backbone, & has helped with minute things.
Throughout my pregnancy, I witnessed no morning sickness, vomiting, or headaches, just  minor weakness sometimes. The major reason behind testing at home was that I had missed my periods. In my 3rd month, I faced a bit of bleeding, but since our baby was fine, there was nothing to worry about.
Since the day we got the news and till my 8th month, everything worked quite well with me and my baby. I followed the most healthy diet possible, & practiced my yoga daily. However, one week before my due date, the doctor said that the baby has not yet come down towards the birth canal, & if the same continues, we’ll have to do a C-section (which was never in my delivery plan due to its own drawbacks).
I cried once I came back home, praying that my baby comes down on time and there won’t be a surgery. I had 5 spoons of castor oil within 24 hours, & next evening, I started getting minor pain in my lower back, which occurred every one minute and lasted only a few seconds. I couldn’t sit, sleep, or walk for more than few a minutes. I didn’t sleep all night. Please, mums, do not panic – this signals the beginning of labour pain soon, so be prepared.
On Wednesday, 6th May, 2020, at 5 a.m., my water bag broke & I went to the hospital. As  time passed, my pain increased terribly, & by 11:48 a.m., we were blessed with a cute little baby boy who we’ve named Riaan (meaning little king) through vaginal delivery.
My pregnancy has been a special journey for me. He gave me no extra pain, & smoothly made his way out into the world. I did feel tired while in labour, and got 4 stitches near my vagina. Later, when the doctor said that more than me, my baby had tried harder to come out, it made me feel proud, thinking he’s strong enough to come out on his own.
I don’t know what helped me make it through a normal delivery, but I believe it was truly magical. My only advice to every woman reading this (who is pregnant or is planning to conceive) is that maintain positivity; whatever you think, will happen. I always planned on having a normal delivery, and always spoke to my baby about being calm and strong. Talk to your baby as much as possible, and create that special bond from the beginning.
I have enjoyed every moment of having him within me, & currently enjoying every bit of motherhood, too. No matter what, always keep this in your mind – “It’s all worth it in the end”. Trust me – when you hold your newborn for the first time, you will forget all the pain, and will just want to live that moment completely.

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