Trying to Welcome a New Member into Your World? Increase Your Chances of Getting Pregnant!

Trying to Welcome a New Member into Your World? Increase Your Chances of Getting Pregnant!

Hi Beautiful,

If you are reading this post, I am sure you are trying to conceive or planning for it in the near future. Let me make it very clear that you have done a lot more difficult tasks than this in your life till date. It is not some rocket science that you won’t be able to handle this one! You just need to understand that your body is different, and it acts differently when it comes to conceiving.

You will find a lot of tracking apps nowadays which help you track your period, ovulation, etc. So the first thing I would ask you is not to rely too much on these apps. Have you ever thought that when these apps were not there (like the sweet times when our parents were planning for kids), how were things happening? Conceiving is a natural process.

First thing you should do is follow a proper and healthy diet, and when I say this, it is applicable to you and your partner both. These are old myths that only the woman needs to follow diet plans for a healthy kid. More importantly, it is your partner who needs to follow a daily routine of diet and exercise before you even conceive. I am not saying that you should not follow any apps for tracking, you should, but if I am not wrong, then these apps show some 2-3 days which are most fertile for you to try to get pregnant.

But if this was the case, then why on earth are women worried about conceiving. It is very natural that on those 2-3 fertile days you might come late from work, might have guests around or one of you is not well or some other reason. So, practically it’s not possible that you can always try around those lucky days, and hence the cycle goes on for months and months, and you still don’t get the expected results.

So the best and natural way to get you lucky is to wait till your spotting gets clear (after your period ends) and start trying till there are 3-4 days (1 week to be safer) for your next period to start. This gives you a total of two weeks to try! Isn’t that great as compared to 2-3 days per month? Of course, you need not try daily. Most gynaecologists suggest you try on alternate days, so you can do that if you want. Or else, you can try whenever you feel within these two weeks and parallely track your fertile days on your preferred app so that you are free and relaxed on those days and increase your chance of getting lucky!

I hope this article has helped you guys. Feel free to respond back in case you have any queries or to just suggest your inputs on the same.

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