Top Three Tried and Tested Things for Your Active and Curious Baby

Top Three Tried and Tested Things for Your Active and Curious Baby

Babies are adorable, innocent, and beautiful, especially when they are calm and asleep. That’s what everyone says! All the credit goes to their parents, of course. Although it looks simple and cute to an outsider, in reality, it’s not. Parents have to struggle a lot while taking care of their babies. Babies have different moods and to keep them active, engaged, and safe is one of the many responsibilities of the parents.
Here are a few things which I find really helpful for my baby, as she has been quite active and curious from the very beginning –

1. A Play Gym

I was looking for something bright and colourful which would catch baby’s attention easily. After searching a lot, I got a big lion play gym for her which has a colourful, cartoon mattress and pillows along with hanging toys including a tiny rattle. It is compact, lightweight, easy to assemble and clean. It is great for 0-6-month-old babies, especially as they are just learning to roll over and explore around. When you get a play gym for your baby, they will try to grab and play with the hanging toys, they will look at the colourful cartoons, and try to move freely on the soft mattress. All of these movements help in improving the baby’s hand and eye coordination, vision, and kicking skills too! These activities provide plenty of stimulation for a small baby. You can be creative and change the toys from time to time to provide variety. Your baby will learn to play and explore on his/her own without your help.

2. A Bouncer

A bouncer is a multipurpose chair that can be used for babies till they turn 2 or depending on the weight of the baby. I found it to be extremely useful as it safe and comfortable for my baby. We can easily work, eat and do our daily chores by making the baby sit in the bouncer. It has a vibration feature that can help soothe a crying baby. The hanging toys also help in keeping the baby busy and a little swing helps the baby to sleep peacefully when tired. I used to feed semi-solid foods to my baby after 6 months of age.
Also baby sits in it in an upright position after being fed which helps avoid the gas problem. It is definitely better than a cloth cradle. As the baby is in a semi-sitting position, can look around, at the daily happenings, feels included in the ongoing activities and hence remains happy and curious.

3. A Small Study/ Activity Table & Chair

A small study table is useful once the bouncer stage is over that is after around 18 months of age.
Its height is perfect so baby can climb the chair on her own. It’s sturdy and foldable, hence easy to carry.
It has soft edges to avoid injuries. It is perfect for babies and while making your baby sit in it, you can give them finger foods or let them draw or do other activities. My daughter learnt her table manners quickly with this table. Also, her snacks and meals are usually served on this table. It would be surely useful till 4 to 5 years of her age. It’s a must buy, definitely!
I still keep on searching and experimenting a lot by trying out different toys, books, and activities for my daughter and she loves it! Her curious little mind truly deserves a lot of attention and care.
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