The Truth About Raising Teenagers Which Still Remains a Myth

The Truth About Raising Teenagers Which Still Remains a Myth

It is still confusing or rather a disbelief amongst ourselves that our children are grown up. We have to remind ourselves everyday that a teenaged son or daughter means they are growing up. We always see them as helpless creature who depends on us for each and everything. They are growing up, want to be independant and take decisions. Thats the problem with parents, we refuse them that independence. We still want to sing lullaby for them. They have been so dependant on us since childhood tbat even when they enter their teens and make self decisions many a times we feel offended. We might say them its your decision beta but at the bottom of your heart you want them to listen to you and abide by you.

Since birth your child has never asked you who the hell are you to advise me He or She takes 14 to 15 years to ask that question which puts you in deep shock. Imagine a new born asking you that question. Thats the dilemma of dealing with teens. If you child is growing up allow him to grow up and stop treating him or her like a baby. If they have entered their teens that means they are growing more rapidly and have chosen to become like you. Welcome and embrace the new beginning in them.

We live our whole life thinking that our children belong to us. No other life belongs to us. This whole feeling of belonginess is the root cause of misery for parents. As they enter their teens and grow into adolecence they are telling you that they dont belong to you. The earlier we realise this and accept it wholeheartedly we are allowing them to live the life they choose.

This still remains a MYTH how to deal with teenagers. But I would love to end this by stating If another life has chosen to be with you simply cherish those moments and live it to the fullest with joy.

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