Is Your Child a Threenager?

Is Your Child a Threenager?

There was a time when kids were sweet and gullible. Their parents would decide how the children dressed or which toy they would get on their birthday. It was only when this little cherub steps on the threshold of teenage hood that every parent starts dreading the rebellious teenager who is convinced that his parents are out of fashion oldies who don’t know anything and will never understand him.

But gone are those days. Changing parenting styles, better standard of living, higher pay packages,  and easier access to information have resulted in a new devil- the ‘threenagerThey can be described as little humans who according to their birth certificate are 3 years old but have the spoilt attitude of a 13-year-old. They have recently gained independence. They have a volatile, stubborn attitude and strong opinions with recently acquired verbal skills to let you know what they want, when they want.

The threenager decides that he will wear a specific type of dress with a specific cartoon character in a specific colour and specific type of shoes. Anything else will just not do and if the parent doesn’t agree to the decision, then be ready to face the fury. God forbid if you cut sandwiches into squares when the threenager demanded triangles or you made a round roti when a fish shape was ordered. Be ready for high-pitched cries and tantrums when you take away the phone/ tablet when the threenager was busy watching his favourite video.

The threenagers are smart and obstinate; they will not take no for an answer. So you better have your case ready when they ask you a plethora of questions to justify your ‘no‘ . If you can’t coerce them, then be ready for a meltdown especially in a public place.

Are you living with a threenager?

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