The Most Memorable Morning - From Hospital Room to Operation Theater!!!

The Most Memorable Morning – From Hospital Room to Operation Theater!!!

It was a chilling morning of December and the blessings of Almighty was spreading everywhere as it was Christmas day. It was my second operation. My first child came to me through C-sec so my second one was obviously also going to be C-sec. We all were mentally very well prepared for my operation as it was planned, but still I had the same nevousness and excitement to go for a surgery.
My operation was timed at 9 so that morning was very special for everyone. We all woke up around 6 in the morning though I didn’t sleep the whole night, and the nurse came and did the needful preparations for me.

It was around 8 in the morning when I got a call that now it’s time for me to head over to OT. My elder daughter was super excited to meet her sibling. I got myself ready in hospital gown and prayed to God for all well being. I had all my close family with me at that time though it was chilly. There were innumerable thoughts in my mind while I was going from my room to OT, though my OT was only two rooms away from my room. The thoughts were, How will the surgery be conducted again? Will I be able to survive through all trauma? Will I have a girl or boy? If its a boy, how will my daughter react (as she wanted a girl)? Will I be able to manage two kids? How much it will pain after surgery? And I know everyone who has gone through this will be able to relate to my feelings.

I was then told to lie on the stretcher before the doctor came so that the assistants and the anaesthetics can do their job. Believe me surgery is not as painful as getting the catheter and the injection on your spinal cord, it’s the worst part of C-sec. After all hustles of getting catheter and anaesthesia, I was told by my doc to breathe deep and then it all started. I could not feel the pain but surely I was feeling the scissors and the amniotic fluid going out. My doc during the whole surgery was talking to me so that I don’t panic much. And then with one pull, it was 8:40 am and I saw my little angel crying. It was Christmas and Jesus blessed me with a baby boy. The moment I saw my boy and felt him, every confusion every pain and all nervousness just vanished away and then all I did was just gazing at my little one. Everything went well and we were home on the 6th day..
I hope every mom, having C-sec would relate to my feelings and I hope everyone enjoys this journey.

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