My Breastfeeding Journey with My Son

My Breastfeeding Journey with My Son

As they say, the mother’s milk is the best food for her baby. But, this ‘amrut’ is not easy to get for some babies. Holding my baby in my arms, I could feel the pain that I had gone through in the operation theatre. Being almost 12 hours away from my baby due to a medical emergency, I was not in a position to hold him and feed him. It took hours for the milk to secrete from my breasts, and finally when the milk came, it was not sufficient for my baby. I tried to feed him after every 2 hours, but since I was not keeping well, the baby had to be given other milk. Oh, I was so helpless!

After being discharged from the hospital, my milk supply was better, but not as much as needed by the baby to satisfy his hunger. Days passed by, and within a week I was diagnosed with thyroid issues, due to which I had to be on medication. This further reduced the milk supply, and now my baby had to suffer again. Soon, my grandmother suggested that I drink dal water, eat cashews, almonds, a spoonful of methi seeds, and what not… But still, the milk supply did not boost.

I was helpless, and the baby had to be fed packet milk a few times a day, and sometimes at night, too. But, I was determined that I would feed my milk to my baby. After consulting a doctor, he said I should consume Shatavari powder in milk, which would boost up the milk supply. And yes, it really worked. That was a magic wand I thought that has worked, till the time I was having thyroid medicine and I had to continue Shatavari just to ensure that my baby was full.

Days passed by with continuing the medicine and a balanced diet, and my baby got milk that was enough for him. I still have that satisfaction that yes, I was able to breastfeed my baby, and he has got the best food in his early years.

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