The Childhood Memories of a Cute, Little, Naughty Kid

The Childhood Memories of a Cute, Little, Naughty Kid

This story is about me when I was just ten months! My mom took me to my grandpa’s house to stay there for some days as they wanted to spend time with me. I was the only infant to play with during that day, and I was rather very cute! They used to play with me a lot and enjoyed even the tiniest of my smile. When it was time to return after ten days, they wished mom, and I could stay longer, but it was not possible. Even I used to enjoy there as it was a cool and calm place with loving and caring people! And I was a naughty one!

On the day of returning back home, I didn’t want to come back, so I just went up the stairs crawling slowly without making any noise while mom was busy packing and grandma too was helping her. But when the car came to pick us up, everybody released that I was missing and they were tensed and busy searching for me all around!

Suddenly, my elder cousin found me, and he soon told mom about it. Mom ran towards me. She cried with joy and hugged me! This decreased the stressed atmosphere and led to a happy ending! Everyone finds it quite funny as I was just ten months.

I would like to share another incident from when I was two years old. One morning, I asked my mom to take me to the bathtub, and she denied as she was busy doing some stuff. So, I went to the bathroom and then locked it up as I saw elders doing it. Basically, I tried to copy them, but when I tried to open it, I was not able to do so! I got scared as I didn’t know how to switch on the light and cried a lot and shouted for help!

Mom came running with some keys and tried to open the door. Unfortunately, none of the keys was the correct one. She tried all the keys and at the end called dad, and he came with a key maker, who made a key and opened the door. While all this was going on, I got tired of crying and slept on the floor. Mom got worried as I was not speaking for some time. When they opened the door, I was found sleeping on the floor. Mom picked me up and cried hugging me, and when I opened my eyes, I laughed looking at my parents.

But again, it ended happily with an ice-cream party to make me feel better! Even today, whenever I lock the door, I remember this incident! Childhood is the best part of our lives. Live every moment of it and enjoy it!

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