Teething Issues in Babies and Ways to Handle Them Tactfully

Teething Issues in Babies and Ways to Handle Them Tactfully

Hi all, as women we are blessed with extra potential and talent which can be seen as we evolve as a mother. Our courage and strength stretch to infinity as we unconditionally love our babies, but along with that, we have to deal with certain issues especially when they are not able to speak. One such difficulty is teething. Today I will pen down the teething issues which I realised through my personal experience. An infant can start teething as early as six months or after one year also. The following are the noticeable symptoms:

  1. They start to drool a lot. You can see the saliva oozing out of their mouth like never before.
  2. They start to vomit up a little or start getting loose motions frequently. Some babies with weak immunity will also have a fever.
  3. They continuously bite hard things like spoon, bowl, toys, or nibbling the nipple of the bottles.
  4. They become cranky and disturbed.
  5. They stay to rub their ears due to itching.

The most important thing to notice here for mothers is that the baby faces a lot of pain and itching during this phase. They need to be supported and calmed down instead of getting scolded. Their only way to express emotions is by crying. So I am penning down certain remedies which can calm the babies and mommies during this difficult phase:

  1. Do massage their gums gently with a clean cloth or a finger brush. You can also use an earbud and apply honey to it.
  2. Give them teethers and soothers. Go for hard ones as they provide more relief.
  3. Give them refrigerated fruit pieces, but do not give chilled ones as they can cause a sore throat.
  4. Give them homoeopathic calcium and natural gripe water.
  5. Most importantly breastfeed them as it is the best way to soothe a cranky baby as it provides warmth and compassion to our little one.

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