Here's What You Should Do While Going Shopping With Your Child

Here’s What You Should Do While Going Shopping With Your Child

Shopping is something that gives me immense pleasure. But going shopping with my hyperactive kid like Pihu is a very difficult task. I remember the first time I went on a shopping spree with Pihu. I was so tired of saying sorry to all the salesman as she kept running in the stores without looking anywhere. And things kept falling here and there.
I realised that I had to find a solution so that I can continue to shop. So below are the things that I do while shopping with this little girl.
1. I plan to reach the mall at 11:00 a.m. The main reason is that I hate waiting for trial rooms. Secondly, I get a chance to explore the store without any hustle-bustle. So if you have a kid, make sure you reach the mall early!
2. I wake up early the day I want to go shopping and wake up my daughter too. I feed her a heavy breakfast so that she stays in a good mood. Hunger makes her and any kid cranky, so I feed her well. Feed your child well before you take her shopping.
3. I carry a box of snacks along for my little girl. I pack her favourite snacks like makhana, biscuits, etc. so that when I am busy trying out things she can eat them. While taking your little one out, don’t forget to pack her favourite snacks.
4. I carry candy sticks like a lollipop as it keeps her busy for a longer time. I feel it’s okay to spoil children sometimes. We worry so much but sometimes, we should let our children indulge. Let your child have his favourite candy, it’s okay!
5. I set a reminder for lunch time. While shopping, I don’t get hungry, thirsty or anything. But since I have a kid, so I make sure she eats on time.
6. Always carry a lightweight stroller with you, especially if your kid is not a shopping enthusiast.
I let her roam in the kids” section where she sometimes tries some dresses, shoes, etc., letting me know that she wants it. I keep it in front of her and at the billing counter remove whatever I don’t like and she doesn’t come to know about it till we reach home. So yes, as parents we need to play smart.
These are a few things that I try while going shopping with my kids. Try these tricks – I hope these will work for you!

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