How to Take Care of Premature Babies

How to Take Care of Premature Babies

Taking care of twins is difficult and it is all the more difficult if your twins are born prematurely. Being a mother of twins, who were born prematurely was not easy for me, but I somehow managed it. My little ones will turn 3 months next month – I can’t believe how time flew so fast.

Being a mother for the first time and that too to two children is a great experience but the responsibility that comes with it cannot be undermined. It is very hard for a new mom to take care of her babies as she has almost no experience. Trying to adjust to a new routine and having sleepless nights is not easy. But gradually, we learn as we spend time with our children.

Here are certain things that one should follow while taking care of a premature baby.

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly before touching your baby or lifting him in your arms. Sanitize your hands if possible. Also, keep your home always clean and dust-free.
  2. Sterilize feeding bottles thoroughly.
  3. Always wrap your baby nicely as he is premature and is too sensitive. You shouldn’t expose him to too cold or hot temperatures.
  4. Have patience don’t compare your baby growth with a full-term born baby.
  5. Keep track of the feeding time. Don’t exceed 3 hrs gap between each feed, which is very important in the growth of your child.
  6. Always make your child sleep next to you. Do not make him sleep in a cradle or a crib.

Give your child all the love he needs and extra warmth because he is too sensitive for this outer world.  Try the Kangaroo Mother Care method as it will help your baby recover soon if he is underweight.  Also, it can help create a strong bond between the mother and child. Just make him lie on your chest and hold him properly because he is too delicate hold the head correctly. Practise this method for at least 20 minutes twice in a day. It will work wonders for your baby’s health! Take care of your baby and yourself and have a great life ahead with your little one!

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