Marital Implications of Autism

Marital Implications of Autism

Marital implications of Autism and the impact of raising children with special needs are profound as we’d like to brush our concerns under the covers. 

To begin with, acceptance of the diagnosis of Autism lays heavy on one’s psychological well being. The couple dynamics takes a new turn as we realize we’re in a soup- no one has an idea how the soup got cooked and who is to blame! It’s always easier to de-stress and redirect our woes when we understand the logic as to why life gave us these lemons.

The second part is that what’s at stake here is not just a material thing- but the centre stage of our expectations and social framework- our child. Every parent holds a zillion dreams for their offspring, and all that comes to a crashing halt momentarily until one can crack the ASD code.

Pent-up emotions with overburdened finances of relentless long-term therapies, social isolation, and anxiety lead to emptiness and nervous breakdown. Vacations come at a price tag and are added stresses with an unpredictable child – so one chooses to evade them. 

Some couples bond over the crisis and come out shining, whereas some reach a point of feeling disconnected in this journey. Sharing responsibility is another important component where one has to understand that parental burnout is for real. Sharing responsibility can work wonders instead of expecting one parent to take up all the charges. 

The vicious cycle of emptiness takes another turn when you have to deal with a spouse that can’t accept, move on and gear up to traverse the journey. When we need to battle for basic needs like therapy, time for one-on-one interaction with the kid, responsibility-sharing, it becomes toxic beyond a certain point. Companionship can be an excellent healing tool if used wisely and a caregiver to your unique needs child. Often, the burden of everyday challenges and no time for expression of love and affection creates a cold zone that escalates unknowingly to the point of no return for some. 

With the right mindset and respect for your partner, one can make teamwork happen wonderfully. Embrace the journey of life designated to you. Take a break from the mundane routine and take out time to communicate. Compromise can be the spice of life when done mutually like a silent duel of understanding. 

If things don’t work out, always remember nothing is the end of the world. You are stronger than you believe- you can sail through anything.

Someone rightly said, “there is a certain power in having nothing left to lose.”

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