Facts and Myths of Breast Feeding, and My Journey So Far

Facts and Myths of Breast Feeding, and My Journey So Far

One thing about breastfeeding is constant – that it’s full of myths. The biggest myth I have come across during my breastfeeding journey was ‘not every mom can produce milk’. Well, I must say that a woman’s body is designed to produce milk once the kid is born. Our mammary gland is there for a reason. Some exceptions are there, such as serious health issues which can reduce or stop the milk production, but chances for that are rare or negligible. As women, we create doubts amongst our minds. We doubt a fellow mom who just gave birth to a kid.

They must be going through so many things, including the fear that the milk produced is not enough for the baby. Let’s not add fuel to her thoughts. Instead, we should be encouraging moms to breastfeed. The immunity it passes on to our babies is incomparable to any other form of milk. During my initial breastfeeding journey, I had been told that I am not producing enough milk for the baby, the baby must be starving, etc. I have even been asked to give the baby cow’s milk.

I got scared as a new mom. I went into a depression as well and started to hate myself for not producing the required milk for my baby. That actually dipped my supply and my baby started getting constipated and didn’t gain weight until 2 weeks of her birth.

All these made me fall into the formula trap. But I was determined to continue breastfeeding and never gave up on it. Slowly, I weaned my baby off formula and am now a happy breastfeeding mother. It is a request to all the moms out there to stop doubting your breast. Milk can only be produced when you have a healthy body and mind, and no myths circulating around you.

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