My Dilemma of Having a Baby - Is It the Right Time?

My Dilemma of Having a Baby – Is It the Right Time?

Is this the right time to have a baby? If not, then when is the right time? We all have asked this question to ourselves when we think of a baby. I too had this dilemma before I had my baby. Let me tell about my story and the thought process that I went through.

As a newly married couple, we were very busy enjoying our life our way – trips, plans, surprises. It was our first anniversary. We were getting wishes everywhere, phone calls, messages, on social media, etc. After our first wedding anniversary, whenever we had to attend some family function, everyone saw me with a question in their eyes, “Any good news?”. I used to feel like “Oh God, give me a break please!”. And yes if you are having a fatty body type, then some aunts try to look at your tummy as they have a sonography machine fit in their eyes. One of our close aunts even had a dream of my pregnancy too. Ufff, it was a real torture. Frankly, all of this sucked. Everytime they ask me ”khushkhabari kab de rahe ho, ab to ek saal ho gya” My mind used to be like “are ek hi saal to hua h kon sa sadiya bit gai h“.

Anyway, my husband and I took all these incidents as a joke. But when even my sister (whom i trust a lot) suggested me to have a baby and said that it is the right time, I was shocked. ”Now you should plan a baby”, my elder sis told me, as she is my best friend too. I was like “What? No way, not so early, we are not going to plan a baby, at least for the next 3 years”, I replied. Then she gave me many pros about having a baby early in life. She said “If u plan a baby now, you would get pregnant may be within a month or it may also take a few months. Then count more 9 months of pregnancy. Which means if you try to conceive now, you will be having your baby in your hands after one year. And when your baby will be 1 year old, you would be concentrate on your business fully (as I started my craft business).

So this was the practical calculation my sister provided me with, which made sense! After hearing this, I was in a dilemma. My husband, being very supportive, said that your decision will be final. And in that confusing state, it was pink lines on my prega news kit. Yes, I was pregnant! You can call a semiplanned pregnancy. Anyway, planned or not, it gave me a beautiful feeling. We both welcomed our baby with all positive vibes. So, the thing is that our plannings may fail sometimes because God has some better plans for you.

My Dilemma of Having a Baby - Is it the Right Time?

Even if you have not planned a baby yet and if you find that you are pregnant, welcome your little one with all your heart. It will definitely prove to be the correct decision. And enjoy your unplanned or semi-planned (like mine) journey of becoming a mother. If you have same experience as mine,  please share it.

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