I Am Sorry, My Baby. It’s Not Your Fault.

I am sorry, my baby. It's not your fault.

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It is said that kids grow best when exposed to nature and the environment. Kids love when they grow among lots of people. They see; they learn, and they explore. But is this possible in this pandemic?

My baby, I want you to go out to meet your relatives, make friends, touch the trees around you, play in the mud, hide in the park, lift things fallen on the ground, give high-fives to random people, smile at others and explore every possibility around you. But is it possible in this pandemic?

I am Sorry, my Baby, you are missing out on all of these activities. This world will soon be safe for you if we all cooperate with each other, pray for the world to heal and act responsibly. You must be wondering why are you made to sit at home. It is so difficult to explain the current scenario to you.

I have had several big and amazing plans for your birthday, my baby. Your favourite cake, your friends, our family around, your favourite food, dance, plays, gifts, themes everything was planned. But, I could not give any of these to you while you deserve everything. I am sorry, my baby, I know it’s not your fault.

Your grandparents are missing your growing years. I know you miss them too, but I am sorry, my baby, it is not safe to travel to meet your grandparents now, nor can they come. I appreciate your patience on the long video calls, even when you are not interested in talking. But remember that your grandparents love you and want to see you every single minute.

I know you are in a shell, and you want to break it and step out. I understand you miss your friends and your play dates. I scold you when you are glued to the television or youtube, but it is not your fault, my baby.

I want you to spread your wings and fly, and be open to new learning. You are now restricted inside four walls, focusing on a laptop and trying to understand what is being taught online. You are too small to handle this tech world, I know. It is difficult for you, but you never complained. In fact, I lose my control when you do not listen to me and throw tantrums and when you run around the house while school is on. I forget that you are a free bird and love to explore.

I hope we give you a safe environment soon. Until then, spread your wings and keep shining even at home. I am sorry, my baby, I know it’s not your fault!

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