How to Carry a Child in Your Womb While at Work?

how to carry a child in your womb while at work?

I always wished to be a mother some day in my life and I was blessed to know that I was pregnant in the month of December 2018. But I had started to worry because I was one of the aspiring candidates in the next promotion list. I had been waiting for the promotion since 3 years. Yes, my career is important to me and there is nothing wrong in that.

I discussed my fear with my husband and he understood me as he is in the same field. So my bosses declared that I was the one chosen for the promotion on February 1st, 2019. But I kept thinking to myself, “how will they react when I inform them about my pregnancy and my application for maternity leave? After all, they promoted me to see me at work and not take a long leave.”

But my child’s growth was equally important to me and I had to overcome my fear.

I declared the news to my manager in the month of March and I was wondering how would she react. She was shocked. Yes, that was expected. But she tried to digest the fact as it could not be changed. There was nothing she could do about it.

I assured her that I would have the others cross-trained on tasks that I would perform. There would be no dependency on me after I go for my 6-month maternity leave.

I was at peace that day. My fear was gone.

But somewhere deep down I kept wondering what my colleagues were thinking. What my other seniors were thinking about me. What would be my year-end appraisal and rating. I was super happy on one side and super worried on the other side. I was super happy one side and super worried on the other side.

My husband is an introvert, but he always kept me calm and made me feel that my fear is meaningless.
I believed him because I trusted him.

Days have passed – I am 7 months pregnant now with a huge baby bumpie. My dresses don’t fit, my jeans don’t fit anymore, but I am somehow managing to fit inside my clothes and look professional before I step into my office. But sitting in that chair for 9 hours straight is difficult. The chair is comfortable, but my bump is getting bigger by the day and making me restless and tired.

A big thanks to the perks my office provided me. I got an AC medical cab with a home pick up and drop service, so travelling for an hour to office was not so hectic. People started noticing. Acquaintances started asking about my pregnancy, but I am reluctant to talk about it. I don’t want people to discuss it so much.

But guys, days are passing. Weeks too. I’m managing somehow. If I can, so can you. Just have faith. Take plenty of food to office. Have plenty of water and fruits. Don’t stress when you see something disturbing. Delete your social networking applications as they may add to the stress. Work well and hard (as much as your body permits). Go home and sleep well. Good luck!

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