Are You Fed Up of Feeding Your Baby? If Yes, Then Don't Be!

Are You Fed Up of Feeding Your Baby? If Yes, Then Don’t Be!

Newborn babies are not easy to handle. Along with the joy of a new member in the family, comes the struggle of fulfilling his/her needs. Newborn mothers are in turmoil due to sleepless nights, body pain, inconsolable cries, diaper changes, and above all hustle-bustle to breastfeed the baby.

A mother is bound to get fed up of feeding her baby. But she should never because it’s not ONLY about the MILK. For a baby, it is all of the below points:

A newborn baby might have the urge to drink milk at short intervals. This is called cluster feeding. Every baby has unique hunger patterns therefore unique feeding patterns.

Baby sometimes might feel thirsty as they pee a lot during the early months. Hence they cry and try to grab mumma’s attention, for a feed.

The bond between a mother and baby is eternal. Babies love the presence of their mothers. They love the touch of their mothers. They love the smell of their mothers. They love the smile and voice of their moms. A baby is seeking love when you feed him/her.

Babies need and deserve attention and constant pampering. Sometimes, they cry and feed just to grab mumma’s attention and make sure Mumma is there for them all the time. Crying to be breastfed is also an excuse to be near to you and to get your love, attention, and care.

They love the warmth of Mumma’s lap or cuddle. This is their cosy space. So sometimes just to sneak into this cosiness they want the feeding sessions.

When babies are sleepy they become cranky and uneasy. So, just to relax and fall asleep they seek for feeding.

So all the mothers, don’t be fed up of feeding your baby. Enjoy the process. It just might be one of the above reasons why your little one must be demanding next feeding session. Breastfeeding is actually fulfilling our motherhood.

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