Why Every Child Is Different and Special

I was very excited to bring my daughter home from the hospital. Frankly, I was nervous, too, worried thinking what if she slips out of my hand, what if I am not able to handle her properly, etc. etc..

I have a super-duper mom who constantly stood by my side after I brought my baby home. Her contribution was almost 90% because I decided to do a few things without anyone’s help, such as giving the baby a bath, a massage, changing her diaper, etc.

Now, let’s come to the point. Why did I say every child is special? Actually, I should say every child is different and special, and we should treat him/her in the same way. First of all, my advice to all the mommies is that you should never ever compare your baby. He/she is an individual.

I also have a confession to make. Like all the other mommies, I went through various websites and articles to grasp knowledge about the growth pattern of the baby every month. I used to watch her grow, exactly the way it was described. When my baby completed her 5th month, several questions popped into my mind. I wondered whether I should continue nursing her, and how many times in a day, I should feed her solid food. I was confused and also hyper at times. I met my baby’s doctor, who came to my rescue. She gave me a diet chart that I needed to follow for my baby.

I visited those websites again to cross-check. I gave her this; I gave her that. A few tips were successful, and few failed. I was anxious again with several more questions – why is she not eating this, or why is she not crawling? Oh, my God! Being a mother is tough. These were some of the things that really disturbed me. I know most of the mommies go through this phase.

One day, I was sitting beside my daughter, and suddenly she gave me a look and instantly I understood that she was hungry and wanted me to feed her. I realised this isn’t something any of the articles or websites told me. This is something that my daughter taught me.

That was the day when I realised I should not make a fuss about everything. Handle your child the way they want to be handled. Feed your child calmly and slowly. Just because it is written somewhere that a child should reach a certain level in the said number of months doesn’t mean that your child should have done the same. I am enjoying every moment with my child, and yes, I do visit the websites and articles, but only for some guidance and information. Now, I am not anxious anymore, and I enjoy being a mom to my beautiful daughter who taught me a lesson at such a young age.

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