Enjoying and Spending Quality Time with the Toddler While Travelling - Short Checklist and My Story

Enjoying and Spending Quality Time with the Toddler While Travelling – Short Checklist and My Story

Hi, I am a mom of a 2-year 10months old baby. My hubby and I both like to travel, so when we r travelling wid my lil one who also likes to explore things around, we have to take care of some things like clothes, medicines, etc. So, I always have a checklist for him as my lil one is a bit fussy about eating. So, we have to carry some homemade products as he has zero spice tolerance level, so we carry some sweet pickle, some roasted Suji, homemade muffins, oats, ladoo, etc as its easy to travel. I would also like to say, please check the weather of the place and carry clothes accordingly. And most importantly, medicines, as if the lil one gets cold, cough, vomiting, you should have the basic medications. Please give your toddlers mineral water as they are prone to stomach infections. That’s how I travel wid my lil one and explore the world around without any worries. Please also take care if any vaccination is due. Please give flu shots if you are travelling to other countries as it will keep the baby immune from any infections. Feed the baby as many fruits, soups and salads as possible, and whatever is comfortable for your baby to digest. If you’re travelling to your native place, then there are no issues but when you are travelling to other cities for vacation, then preferably chose a clean hotel with some activities for the baby as babies tend to get bored easily if we don’t make them indulge in some activities. Enjoy with them, play with them as this is the time to bond with the baby and it’s the time when we are also relaxed. So, as winters are around, please go out and enjoy with your little ones as they deserve most of our time …. bye until next time…I think this will help moms take care while packing for a vacation.

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