Being Pregnant and Delivering Premature Babies in the Pandemic, Then Being Tested Positive!

Being Pregnant and Delivering Premature Babies in the Pandemic, Then Being Tested Positive!

I got pregnant in January. The pandemic hit India in March, and I still remember the chills I got, in the fear of being infected by COVID-19 during my pregnancy, as I got pregnant after 4 years of trials and failures.

I was carrying triplets, and they were delivered premature and kept in the NICU. I was counting the days of their return to me and their discharge from the NICU. However, on that day, my entire family and myself tested positive for COVID. I was totally broken, and I cried every day.

Due to the coronavirus, we kept our kids in the NICU for another month. When they were about to be discharges, my husband and I underwent another COVID test as a precautionary measure. Again we tested positive, and we were in shock. We consulted many doctors, as we couldn’t keep our kids for that long in the NICU. Every doctor suggested that we discharge them, as the virus becomes inactive after 10 days, and if we still get a positive test report, that’s due to the presence of the dead virus.

Then, we happily, and with a little fear of infecting the kids, collected the courage and discharged the kids. I was touching my kids, but not kissing them, because I was afraid that I might infect them, and they are too small to bear this infection. They were also quite weak, being premature.

With God’s grace, nothing bad happened. The virus was actually dead, and we didn’t infect them. I am glad that COVID happened to me when the kids were in the NICU, or else I would have gone into depression with the fear of my kids’ health. I was obsessing over hygiene when the pandemic hit India – I was the seeing virus everywhere. Maybe that was because I was pregnant, and that too after years of efforts, so I didn’t want it to spoil at any cost.

At last, I would like to say, don’t fear the virus. There is nothing about it you can control. I got it even after taking so many precautions. Let it be, go with the flow, and trust God, as He has better plans than you, for you!

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