All Moms and Dads-to-Be, This Might Help You Get Through Tough Times of Pregnancy

All Moms and Dads-to-Be, This Might Help You Get Through Tough Times of Pregnancy

Right from the start of our pregnancy journey, my wife and I had a lot of mixed feelings.
It was mainly because of the miscarriage we had a few months ago. Sometimes we felt that it will be very difficult for us to deal with the amount of pain associated with another pregnancy chance, but fortunately, my wife showed courage, and we went ahead and had a baby.

Initially, we were just too worried about the negatives, and never really focused on the beautiful time of the pregnancy, which made us miss a whole lot of fun times that we could have had, had we not been busy worrying about the nonsense. I would like to advice each and every Mom and Dad to be out there to think ahead, stop thinking about the negatives, and focus more on the positives.

My wife and I are having the best time of our life, looking forward to the most promising thing that has ever happened to us.

For our current pregnancy, we had trouble conceiving, because of my wife’s high thyroid issue. But, we were guided very rightly by our gynaecologist. She was our shining light during our dark period in life.

After conceiving, the first few months are the toughest time for any couple, as the mom’s body keeps going through different changes, and she has a hard time dealing with all the changes, managing her daily schedule, and maintaining her social life as well. During this time, all the relationships are tested, and if you love your partner enough, like I do, you will be able to go through this period quite easily, like we did.

Even though the second trimester is said to be the easiest and the most relaxing time in pregnancy, from the child growth point of view, all the child’s important organs like the brain, lungs, and heart develop during this time, so it is very important for dads-to-be to take care of the moms-to-be, so that she can concentrate on the child inside her.

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