My Experience With Ectopic Pregnancy

My Experience With Ectopic Pregnancy

The word ‘ectopic pregnancy’ was as new to me as anyone else till the time I experienced it myself. I clearly remember the morning when I suddenly started feeling excruciating pain in my stomach which was followed by bleeding. We were very happy because my husband and I were going to be parents soon, but that happiness didn’t last long. I was about to face the worst fear any mother could have.

I was taken to my gynaecologist for a check, and she said that there are chances of me having an ectopic pregnancy. During the sonography, the doctor said that one of my fallopian tubes has ruptured and needs to be operated. It was confirmed by my gynaecologist that it was an ectopic pregnancy and I was rushed to the operation theatre immediately as any further delay would have life-threatening. But this was not the end, the doctor who did my sonography mentioned the wrong fallopian tube in the report which made things worse. During the operation, my gynaecologist found that it was the other one which was ruptured and not the one which was mentioned. Just due to her presence of mind and experience, I was saved from losing the good fallopian tube. The ruptured one was removed safely, and I was saved.

The whole experience was terrible as the levels of hormones make your body react in unexpected ways. My family and my gynaecologist told me that my chances of having a baby naturally are approximately 70%. This made me feel confused and confident at the same time. I was confused if I could ever have a baby again naturally and confident as it’s not impossible to be a mother again.

I was given a new life. After taking some medication and precautions for nearly 4 months, my gynaecologist suggested that my husband and I should plan for baby, as I could conceive with one fallopian tube and give birth. We went according to the plan, and I was pregnant for a second time, without any medical treatment. It was a moment of joy for us because we are going to be parents soon. I delivered a healthy baby boy last January, and I thank God and my gynaecologist, who was a blessing in disguise for me.

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