5 Golden Tips to Become a Stress-Free Mom

5 Golden Tips to Become a Stress-Free Mom

Motherhood brings a lot of responsibilities. Before you realise it, your ‘me’ time is gone, your shopping carts have items that belong to your tiny tots, your online search recommendations have things best suited for their development, etc. etc. However, it is a phase and will be gone in the blink of an eye, trust me. As moms, we crave to hold this time for a little longer, so cherish the moments with your little monsters while you have it.

But still, the current situation is making us feel anxious, and therefore, even between all this, it is important that we stay as relaxed and stress-free as possible.

Taking a chill-pill will not make us a bad mom at all. Here are some tips we can follow to cut the stress out:

  1. Your Baby Can Communicate

Psychologists say that even as a newborn, a baby knows how to communicate and let us know if he/she wants something. All we need to develop is the communication channel with them. They cry, scream, stretch arms, smile, etc., and these are their ways of letting us know. So, as moms, we need not be behaving like our child’s mind 24×7, instead let him/her communicate with us.

2. Every Baby Has His/Her Pace of Achieving Milestones

As with every pregnancy, every child is also different. You are not a part of any some milestone achieving competition. Every child reacts and reaches his pinnacle in his own way and time. Don’t push your child. He is building his foundation, and as mothers, we should focus our energies in helping him/her achieve the same. But if your baby is not able to achieve important milestones such as smiling in two months, rolling over, gripping and sitting up, then you must reach out to your paediatrician immediately. As a mom, you should know when to ring the bell and when to just chill with your baby.

3. Know and Understand Your Baby Well

We receive a list of to-dos from several sources. “Do this, do that, give him a massage, feed him, give a pacifier”, the list is endless. Everyone thinks they are the veterans who know your child more than you do. And this is not always true. You know the best for your child. So, take some time to understand your baby’s reactions, actions, playtime, his feeding time, etc. Spend ample “stress-free” time with your little one as only then will you understand him/her and develop a comfortable bond that grows from there.

Tip- Take wise advice, but put the shutter down where you need to. Trust me, a lot of your stress will vanish only because you understand your baby well.

4. Find Your “Me” Time

No doubt, managing a tiny angel is exhausting, but they honestly don’t need your attention 24×7. You need to let them also have their “me” time and explore new things.

Do some activity that makes you happy and rejuvenate yourself. Exercise, Dance, bake, painting, and pamper yourself! Be guilt-free and do something to make yourself happy.

5. Join Groups That Know Your Present State

Join groups and platforms for mammas, where you can get enough guidance and help. Make use of the Q&A platforms several online communities have. They have helped me in finding answers to the many worries I have had.

Always know and believe that for your child, you are the best, and no-one other than you know him/her well. So just relax and be a little stress-free!

Stay safe and enjoy motherhood!!

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