Complete Vaccination Guide For Your 4 Months Old Baby

Complete Vaccination Guide For Your 4 Months Old Baby

All of 4 months now, you baby has had a few shots already by now. But have you learn about future doses yet?

It is very important to schedule all the required 4-month vaccinations for your little one because getting these done on time is the recipe for many years of great health! These are the vaccinations at the four month mark:

1. DtaP/DtwP

Your baby is due now to get the third dose of the DtaP/DtwP shot. This shot protects your baby against diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis. By this time, you will have already finished off with the first shot and the second one and your baby’s body will have started producing antibodies already.

2. Hepatitis B

Your baby will need to take the second dosage of Hepatits B vaccine only if the first dose was at 2 months and not at birth. If the first dose was at birth, then the dosage will have been completed already.

3. Hib

To protect your baby against headache, fever, cough and stick necks, the Hib vaccine is highly recommended. This vaccine attacks the Haemophilus Influenzae virus that can even cause respiratory conditions, sometimes life threatening.

4. PCV

Meningitis and pneumonia can be life-threatening in babies, which is why the PCV vaccine is prescribed. However, not all paediatricians suggest it so you may want to check with yours before putting this on your list of vaccines due.

5. Rotavirus

Diarrhea is a common problem in a baby’s life. However, while in adults diarrhea is not fatal, a baby’s fragile body cannot handle dehydration easily. You may have already finished one or two doses of this vaccine and will now be at your last one. This is one of the most important vaccines so make sure all doses are complete.

6. Polio

Polio is a condition that causes paralysis mainly in the limbs. To avoid polio from affecting your baby, four doses are spread out over time. Check with your paediatrician and schedule your appointments in advance.

Vaccinations may be painful but the cost of not taking them is a lot worse. So, don’t forget to take your baby for all his shots on time and you’ll be the proud mommy of a healthy and happy baby who can fight diseases with no stress at all!

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