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Colour Names For Boys & Girls With Meanings

70 Creative And Realistic Colour Baby Names for Girls and Boys

Colours can form the basis for several names for babies. Colour-inspired names of interest for both baby girls and boys are popular today. The...
German Baby Girl Names With Meanings

70 Popular German Baby Names for Girls

Old German girl names may not be the fashion globally and are hard to pronounce. But, many of the traditional names have been so...
Saint Names for Boys With Meanings

60 Saint Names for Baby Boys

Names have special meanings and saint titles signify a way of life. When your child is baptized after birth at the Church, they are...
Girl & Boy Names That Mean Sun

60 Wonderful Names that Mean Sun For Baby Girls And Boys

Is there any importance of a name to a person? The answer is, yes. Everyone knows that the first thing people ask when they...
Badass Baby Boy Names With Meanings

65 Badass Baby Names for Boys

Though we all love classic names for our baby boys, with changing times we realize they sound boring. Our new-age babies demand a more...
Middle Names for Boys With Meanings

150 Popular, Unique and Cute Middle Names for Baby Boy

It was in the Middle Ages that the current pattern of male middle names took a start among the Europeans. In today’s time, having...
Asian Baby Girls Names With Meanings

60 Adorable Asian Baby Names for Girls

In Asia, there are a variety of cultures and many where the name starts with a particular letter or sound gleaned from the astral...
One Syllable Baby Girl Names With Meanings

70 Pretty One Syllable Baby Girl Names

A name is not just something to be used lightly. It stays with you for life and forms a part of the identity of...
Badass Baby Girl Names With Meanings

55+ Best Badass Names for Baby Girls

You want your girl to be fierce and independent and one of the best gifts you can give her is that of a badass girl...
Hipster Baby Boy Names WIth Meanings

55 Popular Hipster Baby Names for Boys

Looking for some fresh ideas to choose the perfect hipster male names? Check out the cool collection of hip baby boy names listed below. Unique Hipster Baby Boy...




Amelia Name Meaning and Origin

Amelia is an English variant of Amalia, which comes from the Germanic word "amal," meaning 'work.' The name also exists in other foreign languages...
Isaac Name Meaning and Origin

Isaac Name Meaning and Origin