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Carrot Paratha Recipe

Carrot paratha for toddlers is an excellent lunch box idea if your toddler goes to playgroup or nursery. A filling and nutritious meal, this will be a hit with your little one as it is full of flavor and texture. Parathas can be an option for a healthy breakfast or dinner as well. A whole meal in itself, you could combine this with curd and veggies of your kid’s liking. A great way to get your kid to eat vegetables without hassle; this paratha also has mild, yet delicious flavors that are appetizing for their developing taste buds. Your child will surely relish the taste and ask for this carrot paratha again and again. Enjoy feeding your fussy eater with this nutritious, easy-to-make carrot paratha.

Cooking Time 

Type Time (hh:mm:ss)
Preparation Time 00:10:00
Cook Time 00:15:00
Total Time 00:25:00


Cooking Method 

Gas stove

Type of Meal 


Suitable For 

Any toddler above 23 months of age

Meal Schedule 

Breakfast, lunch, dinner

Recipe Type 

Main dish


Ingredients Quantity and Volume
Whole wheat Flour 1 cup
Carrot 1
Fenugreek 1 tbsp
Bottle gourd 1 tbsp
Curd 2 tbsp
Cumin powder ¼ tsp
Ghee As needed for greasing paratha
Salt As needed
Salt As per taste
Water As needed
Black pepper powder 1 pinch
Turmeric 1 pinch


Let us look at step by step directions to prepare Carrot paratha for making a healthy dish:

  1. Grate carrots and bottle gourd.
  2. Finely chop fenugreek leaves.
  3. Mix all the ingredients in a mixing bowl.
  4. Slowly mix water to make dough.
  5. Divide this dough into 6 equal portions.
  6. Heat a frying pan with some ghee on it.
  7. Roll each paratha and cook it on the pan.
  8. Add as much ghee as you deem good for your child.
  9. Cook it till it is golden brown on both the sides by flipping both sides.

Recipe Tips

This is an easy Carrot paratha recipe which can be adapted to the needs of your child easily with little modifications

  • Use filtered water for mixing the dough so that you are sure of no contamination.
  • Try and use home-made curd for keeping the meal absolutely clean as you are sure of the process you used for making curd, unlike the curd bought in supermarkets.
  • You could also use coconut oil to cook the paratha as some kids might be on a dairy-free diet. Coconut oil has its tonnes of benefits and a characteristic aromatic flavor too.
  • You could add cheese as well if your child likes it and is not on any specific diet.

Nutrition Information (Per paratha)

Nutrient Value
Energy 67 cal
Protein 1.6 g
Carbohydrates 8.4 g
Fat 3 g
Cholesterol 0.8 mg
Sodium 4.2 mg

Health Benefits

This is one home-made Carrot paratha baby food recipe which is easy to make as well as easy to carry around if traveling since they can be eaten without any gravy:

  • Carrot is a powerhouse of nutrients, especially good for eyes as it is loaded with Vitamin A.
  • Carrots also have high levels of vitamin K1, potassium and are great antioxidants.
  • Wheat brings trace minerals like zinc, iron, and magnesium which are very necessary for providing a wholesome meal to growing kids.
  • Wheat also has calcium for making those delicate bones stronger.
  • Fenugreek is good for maintaining a good iron level.
  • Curd is a natural probiotic which would be helpful in maintaining healthy gut flora. It also helps in breaking down fat for easy digestion.
  • Spices like turmeric and black pepper are good in fighting cold and cough and building immunity.

Buying Guide

  • Buy organic ingredients, like flour, veggies and spices. Organic the right choice for your precious one in today’s environment with pollutants everywhere.
  • Ensure that vegetables are fresh and do not have any bad odor.
  • Always buy whole wheat and not the refined one.
  • Check the expiry date of packed products.

We hope this was a helpful guide in explaining to you how to make Carrot paratha for toddlers in simple steps. Making parathas is usually laborious, especially the stuffed parathas. However, in this recipe, we have tried getting all good things rolled into one dough to make it less tedious when you are fixing a quick and healthy main dish for your little one.

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