Remedies to Heal Your Child's Summertime Cuts, Bruises and Bites

Remedies to Heal Your Child’s Summertime Cuts, Bruises and Bites

Come summers and we’re sure your little one is all excited to spend time playing with his friends and relishing the holidays! While your child’s going to have the time of his life, it also means that he’s going to come back home with plenty of cuts, mosquito bites, and bruises to show for it. So it’s imperative that you ensure that none of these wounds dampen his spirit and that they’re fixed right away. And we’re here to help you figure out just how you can do that!

Effective Remedies for Your Child’s Summertime Woes

There’s no doubt about it – your kid is going to fall, get hurt, and come home crying with a bruise or a cut at some point! After all, that’s a bit part and parcel of childhood, right? Summers bring with them plenty of different ailments and problems which can afflict your child, but these few mentioned below, in particular, could be the main sources of trouble he’ll have to deal with constantly. Don’t worry though – there are simple, yet effective remedies that can help ease your child’s woes quickly!

1. Cuts and Bruises

Remedies for cuts and bruises

Climbing trees, running around and on different surfaces, falling down – there will no dearth of cuts and bruises (and resulting scars) on your little one’s body. It’s important that they’re treated immediately and with great care because leaving cuts exposed in particular make them prone to infections. You don’t want your child ending up sick just because you didn’t pay attention to his wounds, do you? Of course, you don’t! While severe or deep cuts will require medical attention and probably need a few stitches, you can take care of smaller cuts and bruises at home itself.

Remedies to Try

Turmeric is the first thing that comes to mind when we think of something accessible to heal wounds! Apply a little turmeric to bleeding wounds to let the blood clot quickly. You can also apply medical-grade honey or crushed garlic cloves to the wound to help it heal. Tea tree oil is also recommended for healing cuts – for this, you can liberally spray on Aringel After Bite, a herbal spray with tea tree oil as its main component. It will help soothe your child’s pain and irritation and also help prevent infection!

2. Sunburn

Remedies for sunburn

The summer heat can be pretty cruel and you might see your child’s skin take on a whole new tone when he’s back home after a day of play! Red and itchy skin will give away that your child has suffered from sunburn. If it’s a more severe case of sunburn, you’ll see painful blisters on your child’s skin. Over-exposure to the sun’s rays can be harmful so it’s important that your child is covered from head to toe in sunscreen before he steps out. Even so, there’s a chance that he may still experience a sunburn for which you can try the following remedies.

Remedies to Try

Start off with cold compresses or a cool bath to provide his skin with some relief. You can use aloe vera gel, touted as one of the best remedies for sunburn. Simply keep the gel chilled, then apply on the affected areas every few hours so that your child feels soothed. Drinking enough water is also important so that your child doesn’t feel dehydrated at any point. The next time he’s out in the sun, make sure to slather on the sunscreen, to make him wear protective clothing with enough coverage and that he stays in the shade!

3. Heat Rash

Remedies for heat rash

Blocked sweat ducts due to hot and humid weather can lead to red bumps cropping over your little one’s body. You’re most likely to notice these bumps or rashes on your child’s neck, the creases of his elbows and knees, his inner thighs and armpits. No doubt, this can look and feel super uncomfortable, but the condition will clear up in a couple of days with proper care. But if you think that the rash might be infected or that it isn’t healing quickly enough, it would be best to take your child to the doctor.

Remedies to Try

You can depend on cold compresses, ice packs, and cool baths to relieve your child of those irritating bumps on his body. Keep him cool by seating him under the fan or in an air-conditioned room. An oatmeal bath is another way your child can experience relief – add a cup or two of oats to lukewarm water and let your child soak in this water for about 20 minutes. And of course, there’s always the almighty aloe vera gel to the rescue!

4. Mosquito Bites

Remedies for mosquito bites

Out comes the sun and out comes the bugs, are we right? Mosquitoes especially swarm around day in and day out, aiming to cause trouble. They might be small but they can cause pretty massive damage, and you don’t want your child to be at the receiving end of it! Prevention is always better than cure; so before your little one steps out to play, make sure he’s wearing clothes that offer ample coverage. You can also stick on an Aringel Mosquito Repellent Patch under his collar – it will help create an anti-mosquito shield around your child and let him play to his heart’s fancy!

Remedies to Try

If your child does get bitten by mosquitoes, there are different home remedies you can try to relieve him of irritation. First off, it’s essential that he doesn’t scratch these bites; it’s just going to worsen the irritation. Use cold compresses, medical-grade honey, aloe vera gel (of course!), or minced garlic mixed with coconut oil (apply the mixture on the affected area, then wipe it off after 10 minutes). But if your child isn’t planning to stop his fun and games over a few bites, it’s best to spray on Aringel After Bite Spray. Not only will it provide him instant relief from the itchiness and prevent allergic reactions to these bites, thanks to its herbal formulation, it’s also not going to get in the way of his fun!

5. Shoe Bites

Remedies for shoe bite

Shoe bites are common when kids wear ill-fitting shoes; when the back of the shoe rubs against the skin on the back of their foot while they hop, skip, and jump around, the result can be a nasty shoe bite. When left untreated, they’ll form blisters, and the skin of the feet can come peeling off. Ugh! We know you wouldn’t want your kid to go through all that trouble! Ensure that you purchase shoes which fit his feet perfectly; the extra time you take to shop may seem cumbersome but at least your child’s feet won’t suffer!

Remedies to Try

When a shoe bite strikes, there are different things you can do to take good care of your child’s feet. Apply crushed ice or crush an aspirin tablet, mix it with water, and apply the paste to the affected area. Aloe vera gel, petroleum jelly and coconut oil are other things you can try to soothe the blisters. Similarly, spraying on Aringel After Bite Spray on the wound. Its antiseptic properties make it safe for use on wounds, cuts, and burns, and also, will allow the shoe bite to heal quickly and let your child get back to his activities.

Summertime means plenty of fun in the sun, at the beach, at summer camps, and just about anywhere outdoors for kids. At no point should your little one be inhibited by these concerns. So, take precautions to keep your child safe from summertime wounds – proper clothes and shoes, mosquito repellent creams and patches, plenty of water, and loads of sunscreen. His holidays are meant to be fun and fulfilling and that’s all they need to be, provided that he gets all the care he needs!

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