How to Bond with Baby while Bottle Feeding

Bonding With Your Bottle Fed Baby

Your baby has just come into the world and is yet to establish the bond of love with you. You can make this quicker with different ways of connecting with your baby. Of these, bonding while feeding is the most natural way to express your love for the little one.

During the early months, your baby needs to be fed frequently. A mother’s breast milk is the most nutritious feed for the baby, however as they grow and owing to various reasons, formula feeding can be adopted, but on advice of a health practitioner only. Irrespective of whether you breastfeed or use the bottle for formula feeding, this is the best time to nurture a bond of trust, love and care with your baby. Fondness expressed in the form of cuddles and eye-contact will make your baby feel safe and loved.

Why is Bonding During Bottle Feeding Important

For new mommies, looking after the infant can be a tiring job. No matter how tired you are or how busy a schedule you have, take time out to snuggle close to your baby during bottle feeding. This is a very important time for your baby and will affect his overall development. Your constant touch and proximity at this time gives a sense of security to the little one. Breastfeeding mothers have an advantage here as the warmth of skin-to-skin contact ensures they instantly bond with their babies. However, for formula-fed babies, the best way for mommies to build this bond is by holding baby close while feeding with the bottle.

Tips for Bonding With Your Baby While Bottle Feeding

  • Remember this thumb-rule: skin contact is the most effective way to bond with your baby. During bottle feeding, unbutton the top of your shirt to give your baby direct skin contact. This warmth of touch will increase the level of oxytocin or ‘love hormone’ in both of you. This hormone plays a vital role in baby-parent bonding.
  • When you are bottle feeding your little one, make eye contact with him. Use this time to cradle and feel your baby close to you. Looking into his starry eyes while holding the bottle will help establish a strong bond, boost the level of oxytocin and aid in strengthening your relationship.
  • Your baby can understand your feelings very well even at an early age. Use the feeding time to talk to your baby. Tell him about his family and siblings. Sing a song or read him a story while you bottle feed. Your voice will feel like music to his ears and will make the session more special and soothing.

Staying close to your baby while bottle feeding gives you an opportunity to spend quality time with your little one. Your baby will respond to your love and this will lay the foundation of a strong relationship.

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