Top 70+ Boy & Girl Names That Mean Secret Or Mystery

70+ Best Baby Names That Mean Secret or Mystery

A name is more than just a word.’ It is very powerful and can have a direct or indirect impact on the bearer’s personality. It can also hold the key to the bearer’s emotions and behavior. Hence, choosing a name that represents a deep, artistic, and philosophical is more important than something shallow and bleak. Mysterious topics are usually both fascinating and troubling that may deal with unsolved crimes, unexplained questions, natural events, human history, and supernatural occurrences that invite curiosity among people. Mystery also lies at the heart of our imaginative vision. Mystery’ also means the acceptance of things beyond our knowledge and understanding. Mystery also entails a sense that there is more to life than what is visible, we understand, speak of or know. It also entails faith in life. Hence, it is important to have some mystery associated with our lives. Baby names that mean secret or mystery represent legends and mythology. They can add a touch of magic to their given name and make them stand out. Mystery names are arresting, exciting, and surrounded by the mystique that brings about an irresistibly intriguing nature. Parents who think differently can look for names with an old yet edgy or secretive tone. They can have roots in different cultures or languages. A name meaning mystery could relate to the different gods and goddesses and can give your child’s name a mystical feel. Here are some names meaning secret that may be inspired by mystical lores of different tales and cultures. Here is a curated list of Boy names that mean mysterious ones that can help you make the right choice about names for your little champ.

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Girl Names That Mean Mystery or Secret 

Girl names that mean mystery or secret can create an enigma for your child’s persona. Here are some names that can lend your little angel an attractive personality.

1. Aelfrun

Aelfrun means ‘the secret of mystical powers’ in German.

2. Althea 

Althea means ‘with healing power’ in Greek.

3. Asteria 

Asteria means ‘star’ in Greek.

4. Bian 

Originating from Vietnam, Bian means “secretive.”

5. Calypso 

Calypso is the Latin form of Greek Kalypso which means ‘she who conceals.’ 

6. Cebba 

Cebba means logical, sensitive, secretive, and practical-natured person’ in English.

7. Circe 

Circe means “Greek goddess daughter of Helio’. Circe is the goddess of magic living on the island of Aeaea as per Greek mythology.

8. Dagrun 

This name of Norwegian origin means “secret lore.”

9. Damira 

Damira means “Long Live the World” in Arabic.

10. Diana 

Diana means “divine” in Latin.

11. Elanor 

Derived from Sindarin origin, Elanor means “sun star.”

12. Gizem 

Derived from Turkish origin, Gizem means ‘mystery.’

13. Goderun 

Goderun means “hidden one or close love of God” in English.

14. Godleva 

Godleva means “secretive Love of God” in English.

15. Hulda 

This Scandinavian form of Old Norse Hulo means ‘hidden, obscure, secret.’

16. Hulta 

This Finnish form of the Scandanavian name is ‘hidden, obscure, and secret.’

17. Kalypso 

Kalypso means ‘she who conceals’ in Greek.

18. Kendra 

This English name means “magical.”

19. Lesedi 

Derived from African Tswana origin, Lesedi means “woman of light.”

20. Leuruna

Leurana means “love for the secret rune” in English.

21. Lilith 

Derived from the Akkadian origin, Lilith means “of the night.”

22. Liraz 

Liraz means “my secret” in Hebrew.

23. Morana/Marzanna 

Morana means “goddess of spring and rebirth, associated with magic” in Slavic.

24. Najwa 

Najwa means ‘secret,’ or ‘whisper’ in Arabic.

25. Nedra 

Derived from American origin, Nedra means ‘underground’. Nedra means ‘awareness’ in Latin and ‘nether’ in German.

26. Orenda 

Derived from Native American origin, Orenda means “great spirit.”

27. Ortrun 

Ortun means ‘rune’ and ‘secret’ in German.

28. Raziela 

Derived from Aramaic origin, Raziela means ‘the Lord’s secret.’

29. Rhiannon 

Rhiannon means “divine queen” in Welsh.

30. Runa 

Runa is the feminine form of Scandanavian Rune which means ‘secret lore.’

31. Saga 

Derived from Old Norse origin, Saga means “goddess of poetry, storytelling, and history.”

32. Selene, Selena, or Celene 

Selena means “the goddess of the moon” in Greek.

33. Sigrun 

This Old Norse name means ‘victory-secret’.

34. Tajana 

Derived from Croatian and Serbian tajiti “to keep secret.”

35. Velia 

Vellus means’ concealed’ in Italian.

Boy Names that Mean Mystery or Secret 

Boy Names that Mean Mystery or Secret

Names with hidden and old secrets as their meanings have always been the center of attention in any social circle. 

Here are some of the options that can be a great fit for your baby boy:

1. Barnabas 

Derived from Aramaic roots, Barnabas means “son of consolation.” 

2. Burvis

Burvis means “wizard” in Latvian.

3. Cabal 

Derived from Jewish, Hebrew origin, Cabal means “small secret group of people.”

4. Cyfrin 

Cyfrin means “mystic” in Welsh.

5. Dante 

Dante means “magician” in Latin. 

6. Draca 

Draca means “interesting person, has a secret desire” in English.

7. Ebull 

Ebull means ‘A secretive person’ and ‘one who is like Bull’ in English.

8. Galdur 

Derived from Icelandic origin, Galdur means “magic.”

9. Gandalf 

Derived from Old Norse origin, Gandalf refers to the mystical and wise sorcerer.

10. Guhya 

Derived from Indian origin, Guhya means “mystical, concealed, and hidden.”

11. Gushvin

Derived from Indian origin, Gushvin means “secret.”

12. Gwydion 

Gwydion means “god of enchantment” in Welsh.

13. Hermes 

Derived from Greek origin, Hermes means “messenger god.”

14. Hisoki

Derived from Japanese origin, Hisoki means “secretive, reserved.”

15. Ichtaka 

Derived from the Aztec origin, Ichtaka means “secret.”

16. Imenand 

Imenand means ‘the hidden one’ in Egyptian.

17. Isoba 

Isoba means ‘walks slowly’ in an African language.

18. Israar/Israr 

Israar means “secret, mystery” in Arabic. 

19. Lochesh

Lochesh means’ whisper’ in Hebrew.

20. Lot 

Lot is the Greek form of Hebrew Lowt which means ‘covering, veil.’

21. Judah 

Derived from Biblical, Hebrew origin, Judah means “one who can keep a secret.” 

22. Juke 

Derived of Australian origin, Juke means “secret keeper.”

23. Kasper 

Derived from the Scandinavian origin, Kasper means “treasured secret.”

24. Keme 

Keme means ‘Secret Pajackok – thunder’ in In Native American.

25. Kereenyaga

Derived of Kenyan origin, Kereenyaga means “mountain of mystery.”

26. Mago 

Derived from Spanish, Portuguese, or Italian origin, Mago means “magician.”

27. Mamnun 

This Arabic name refers to a person who can keep a secret.’

28. Merchbiu 

Merchbiu means ‘a reserved and secretive person in English.

29. Nicomedes 

This Latin form of the Greek name means ‘victory-scheme.’

30. Nihan 

Nihan means “Hidden, Latent, Secret” in Arabic.

31. Olen 

Olen means ‘Relic’ in Norse.

32. Phorcys 

This Latin form of Greek Phorkys means ‘of the sea.”

33. Raaz 

Derived from Indian origin, Raaz means ‘Secret,’ ‘Mystery,’ Puzzling.’

34. Shiloh

This name is of Hebrew Origin, meaning ‘God’s gift.’

35. Velho 

Velho means “wizard” in Finnish.

Gender Neutral Names That Mean Secret or Mystery  

Exciting names surrounded by mystique will bring about an irresistible intriguing nature to your child’s personality. Here are some of the gender-neutral names that mean secret or mystery:

1. August 

August means “majestic, distinguished” in Latin. 

2. Blake 

Derived from English origin, Blake means “attractive.” 

3. Darnall 

Darnall means ‘hidden nook’ in English.

4. Guirec 

This Old English name means “secretive, reliable, and passionate.”

5. Ichtaca 

Derived of the Nahuatl origin, Ichtaca means “secret.”

6. Jackie 

Derived from Hebrew and American origin, Jackie means “son of God.”

7. Jonaraja 

Jonaraja means “a secret keeper” in Hebrew.

8. Kahuna

Derived from Hawaiian origin, Kahuna means “the hidden secret.”

9. Raz 

This Aramaic name means ‘secret.’

10. Sage 

Sage means “prophet, sage” in Latin.

Keeping secrets is essential for building trust, values, and confidence in other people and strengthening relationships, be it personal or professional. This ability tests your character and makes you a role model for others. It is no wonder that a person who bears a name that means secret can refer to a person’s magnificent charm and aura.


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