Ariana Name Meaning, Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Ariana Name Meaning and Origin

Primarily used as a girl’s name, Ariana has Italian, Hebrew, Greek, and Old English origin. In the Italian variation of Ariadne, Ariana means “most holy,” referring to the purity of the bearer’s soul. Pop singer Ariana Grande put the spotlight on this European name and Arianna Huffington, founder of the Huffington Post.

What Does Ariana Mean? 

With roots in Ancient Greek, Ariana comes from Ariadne, meaning ‘most holy.’ ‘Ari’ means ‘excellence’, ‘hagnos’ and ‘adnos’ mean ‘pure,’ ‘sacred, or ‘chaste’. And so, the meaning of Ariana in Hebrew can be translated to ‘like a beautiful melody.’ Derived from the word ‘arian,’ Ariana means ‘silver’ in old English.


Ariana has recently gained popularity over its twin spelling, Arianna. A region of the eastern countries of the Persian empire is named Ariana. Its alternate spelling Aryana is a coastal city in northern Tunisia. Several operas with Arianna in them include Handel, Goehr, and Marcello. Ariana might be an Italian form of Ariadne or a Welsh name, meaning ‘silver.’




  • ah-ree-ah-nah
  • a-ria-na


4 syllable


6 letters

Name Variations/Spellings 

The other spellings for Ariana are iterations that add a unique flair to the given name. Here are some Ariana name variations listed below that might become an instant hit with parents:

Name Origin
Ana Hebrew
Ari Arabic
Aria English
Ria Danish
Ariane Welsh
Arianna Latin
Arieana Welsh
Arionna Welsh
Arriana Welsh
Aryana Persian

How Popular Is the Name Ariana? 

According to Social Security Administration data, Ariana is the preferred spelling and made it to the top 100 in 2001. Ariana came to the Top 100 in 2001. The Ariana baby name ranking was at its peak in May 2017. The Ariana popularity ranking peaked to reach the 30th spot as the most popular name in 2014. It Arianna also peaked in 2014, at 40th place, and was in the top 50 to low 100s range in the same period. It held 68th and 95th place in 2017. In 2020, 3,136 baby girls were named Ariana. Ariana ranked at no. 90 in 2022.

Famous Arianas in the literature include Ariana Dumbledore from the Harry Potter series by JK Rowling. The other two Ariannas on the TV soap opera are Days of Our Lives: Arianna Horton and Arianna Hernandez, who contributed to the popularity of the name. Furthermore, pop sensation Ariana Grande has also helped make the name incredibly famous and add a glamorous feel.

Interest in Ariana – Worldwide

Ariana shows a consistent value of over 5 over the last ten years, reaching 100 in September 2014 as per the search trends. The lowest score was 6 in March 2012 on the popularity scale.

Interest in Ariana – US

The search trend for Ariana in the US reached its peak up to 100 in September 2014. The lowest record value was 6 in March 2012 on the popularity scale.

Popularity of the name Ariana 


Where Is the Name Most Searched?

Search trends of Ariana Worldwide

As per the global trends, Ariana has been searched the most in Tunisia. Honduras, the Philippines, Mexico, and South Africa follow next in the last 10 years. As French, English, and Italian are the main foreign languages spoken in Tunisia, an Italian name like Ariana has been majorly accepted by parents there.

Search trends of Ariana in the US

Among the metro cities in the US, California has recorded the highest search value of 100 in the last 10 years. Hawaii, New Jersey, Nevada, and Rhode Island have made it to the top 5 positions, where search trends for Ariana have been recorded as the highest. 

Middle Names That Go With Ariana 

The perfect middle names offer a choice between first and last names. Here are some double names with Ariana that can be chosen to synchronize between the first and last names:

Alice Catherine
Bridget Camellia
Charlotte Claire
Colleen Daisy
Elizabeth Evangeline
Beatrix Christine
Eve Kylie
Juliet  Violet
Ruby Poppy
Pearl Lark
Ivy Liv

Famous People Named Ariana 

Popular personalities named Ariana have influenced the minds of parents down the ages. Here are some fascinating options that may catapult your child to fame:

Celebrity Name Profession/Famous For
Ariana Barouk Cuban Model
Ariana Chris Canadian Opera Singer
Ariana Guido American Actress
Ariana Nozeman Dutch Actress
Ariana Savalas American Musician
Ariana Richards American Actress
Ariana Kukors American Swimmer
Ariana DeBose American Actress
Ariana Rodriguez Puerto Rican Model
Ariana Miyamoto Japanese Model
Ariana Reines American Poet
Ariana Gillis Canadian Singer-Songwriter

Similar Names & Last Names

Baby names like Ariana sound fresh despite their similar chic vibe as the given name. Family names for Ariana indicate one’s family, tribe, or community. Here are some other names for Ariana that may have different spelling but similar phonetic impacts:

Other Baby Names Suitable Family Names
Arionna Flores
Aryana Wright
Adrianna Young
Avianna Scott
Marianna Hill
Audriana Torres
Oriana Baker
Tatiana Nelson
Darianna Campbell
Aviana Mitchell

Names That Sound Like Ariana 

Rhyming names for Ariana’s sing-songy feel extends beyond her pop star association. Here are some names that rhyme with Ariana while offering a melodic feel:

Alessia Bella
Ashlyn Ana
Amalia Ariel
Alexis Amelia
Sasha Alyssa
Ariella Alicia
Alana Eileen
Alexia Alessandra
Aubrey Adrienne
Alexa Eliana

Sibling Names Related to Ariana 

Sibling names that go with Ariana form popular name combinations within the family. Here is a list of suitable sister names for Ariana and suitable brother names for Ariana that complement each other while maintaining their identity:

Sister Names for Ariana Brother Names for Ariana
Daniela Adam
Rosalie Brandon
Dahlia Finn
Mira Hayden
Lilia Jacob
Felicia Jonah
Brielle Jayden
Juliet Archie
Rosamond Harry
Isadora Leon

Nicknames for Ariana 

Whatever be the inspiration, nicknames are a fun and adorable way of calling out to your child. Here are some of the weirdest and coolest nicknames that may become a part of your little ones’ childhood memories:

Riri Ari Bobari
Ars Aria
Ariiiii Triple A
Vera Riana
Rirry R
Na Na Ree
Anana Tina
Ari-Muffin Yanna

Whether you prefer one N or two, Ariana is elegant and romantic, fit for a princess, an opera, or running a media company. Bold and brave, girls named Ariana dares to be different, standing tall among a sea of trends. Moreover, its incredible meaning is most suitable for seekers of a religious name. Exuding a soft and subtle vibe, Ariana has the versatility that works well with any religion, making it a contender among the most trending names for girls.


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