Aiden Name Meaning, Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Aiden Name Meaning and Origin

Aiden is a name that is primarily of Irish origin and is an alternate variant of Aidan. The meaning of Aiden is ‘Little Fire,’ and Aidan Shaw was the main reason why the name originally catapulted to popularity somewhere after the 2000s. Aiden Waite is a popular character in the TV series ‘Being Human,’ with variations in spellings, such as Aaden and Aayden.

What Does Aiden Mean?

The meaning of Aiden is ‘Little Fire,’ where the Aed part is derived from the word Aodh or Aodhah, which translates to the name of the Celtic God of Sun and Fire in the Gaelic language. Since it has a fiery meaning, it sounds positively boyish and adventurous. Aiden is a great name for kids who are bundles of energy and have rich personalities. Kids who have a youthful nature and spend most of their time outdoors are very compatible with this naming choice.


Aiden is a name of Irish origin, and it is an anglicized variant of the word ‘Aodhah,’ which derives its meaning from the Celtic God of Sun and Fire. The name has deep roots in Irish mythology and is a fond name that is etched deeply into the hearts of parents. Aiden was first popularized with the arrival of the character Aiden in Sex and the City, who was a rival for Mr. Big on the show. Aidan Shaw brought the name to fame in the 2000s and was a significant force in popularizing it worldwide. The name also has mythological roots since it was used by several ancient Kings of Ireland and saints and has feminine variants.






2 Syllables


5 letters

Name Variations/Spellings

Aiden has different spellings and variations depending on the region it hails from. Different Aiden name variations can have different meanings, but the core meaning doesn’t change. Below is a list of other spellings for Aiden:

Name Origin
Ayden English
Aldo Italian
Adan Welsch
Aydin Turkish
Aadyn Irish
Adin Hebrew
Aidyn Gaelic
Aadya Sanskrit
Aedan Gaelic
Aden Irish

How Popular is The Name Aiden?

Many parents did not prefer Aiden in America before the 2000s. The name peaked in popularity in 2010, and the notable rise in its rankings is attributed to the popularity of many celebrities, artists, and TV personalities bearing this name. As per the SSA, Aiden as a baby name ranking in 2020 was #24, and it jumped from #324 to #9, which is its highest popularity ranking to date.

However, Aiden has been on a steady decline in rankings after the year 2011. We can better grasp Aiden’s popularity in the US and worldwide by analyzing search trends over the last decade.

Interest in Aiden – Worldwide

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Interest in the name has been consistently low over the years, with a sudden and sharp increase in May 2021, when popularity was measured to be 100 on the popularity scale. Across the popularity scale for the decade, the name has remained below the scale of 50 for all months but 3.

Interest in Aiden – the US

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As the global interest trendline, the interest in Aiden within the US has also been consistently low, with a sudden increase in May 2021. While the reason for this is not known, one can understand that a majority of the global interest in the name was generated from the US itself.

The popularity of the name Aiden


Where is The Name Most Searched

Search trends of Aiden Worldwide

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Search trends for Aiden show that the name is famous worldwide in countries such as Singapore, Canada, Norway, and South Africa. The top 5 countries which receive the most searches for Aiden are Ireland, United Kingdom, Australia, United States, and Singapore. One can assume Ireland’s cultural significance and traditions are why many people consider giving the name to their children.

Search trends of Aiden in the US

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Aiden is very popular in the United States, and the top 5 cities where it is most searched are – New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut, and Mississippi. However, there is hardly any drastic difference in the search trends from other sub-regions within the US, implying a consistent level of popularity and interest.

Middle Names That go With Aiden

It is crucial to have a middle name that goes fluidly when naming your child Aiden. Suitable double names with Aiden will help to give your son two names to choose from and add to his charm and gravity. Here’s a list of great suggestions:

Anthony Alexander
Alastair Charles
Christopher Daniel
Edward Elliot
Ellis Everett
George Gregory
Henry Isaac
Jackson James
Jeremy Lucas
Marcus Matthew



Famous People Named Aiden

Aiden was popularized by several sports stars, celebrities, and significant historical figures in the world throughout history. Here is a list of famous people named Aiden:

Celebrity Name Profession/Famous For
Aiden Gallagher American Actor
Aiden McGeady Professional Footballer
Aiden English American Professional Wrestler
Aiden O’Brien Professional Footballer
Aiden Burn Fictional Character
Aiden Prince Social Media Sensation
Aiden Grimshaw English Singer
Aiden Turner Irish Actor
Aiden Blizzard Australian Cricketer
Aiden Moffat British Racecar Driver
Aiden Jude American Musician
Aiden Dillard American Film Director

Similar Names & Last Names

Baby-names like Aiden can be found as both first and middle names. However, when you choose to name your son Aiden, it is necessary to consider the family names for Aiden and how they will sound altogether. Keeping this in mind, here are other names for Aiden:

Other Baby Names Suitable Family Names
Liam Stills
Cole Gold
Ethan Stewart
Logan Anderson
Edwin Bennett
Caleb Lautner
Nicholas Koss
Riley Oliver
Luke Williams

Names That Sound Like Aiden

Several names rhyme with Aiden and make perfect alternatives. Using these names can add a unique touch to the way your baby sounds overall. They can also add cultural or religious significance. Here’s a list of the most popular choices:

Arden Edan
Aaron Hayden
Adrian Seth
Lennon Evan
Landon Delvin
Dameon Anton
Owen Ewan
Declan Eamon
Rowan Ashton
Linden Samson

Sibling Names Related to Aiden

If Aiden is the name of your eldest and you plan to have younger siblings for him, you need to choose good sibling names that go with his name. This can help to ensure that all your kids’ names are connected and sound fluid when spoken together. Here are some suggestions for sister and brother names for Aiden:

Sister Names for Aiden Brother Names for Aiden
McKenna Adam
Topaz Seth
Claire Jasper
Clara Darian
Ivy Corbin
Julia Ryan
Leah Donovan
Rose Kieran
Sophie Conan
Violet Lorcan

Nicknames for Aiden

Nicknames for Aiden are great for adding a term of endearment or calling your kids by their name affectionately. There are many nicknames you can use to address Aiden informally:

Den Denny
Aide Addie
Ade Aido
Aidy Boo FireMan
Torn-Aido Aidzzz
Den-Den Ayye
Ace Aidy

Although Aiden’s popularity hasn’t gone up lately, it still holds cultural and religious significance. It symbolizes hope, prosperity, and many consider it a name that brings good luck since it is derived from the Sun God. So, if you believe in such things, then Aiden is the perfect name for your baby boy!


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