9 Commonly Seen Baby Photos That Are Actually Too Dangerous to Click At Home!

In today’s tech-savvy world, parents love to document every moment of their adorable newborns. Everyone wants their baby to stand out and so we look to capture our babies in perfect poses. Sites like Pinterest and Facebook have an arsenal of ideas for babies in grown-up poses. Unfortunately, what we sometimes don’t realize is that these photos are taken by professional photographers who not only know how to click creative photos but also know how to handle a baby’s body safely for these shoots.

Newborn babies are too little and too fragile to pose in many of the adorable poses we see on the internet. But then, how are they made possible? With professional help! The experts have tricks and hacks to get this done without exposing your baby to any risk of injury or harm. But trying to recreate these poses at home can come at the high price of your baby’s safety!

Find out a few common poses that can be extremely dangerous for newborns if tried at home without professionals!

1. Head in Hands

Baby - Head in handsOne of the most popular Pinterest ideas, this pose has the baby supporting his head in his hands as he faces the camera upfront. But these photos are a result of the magic of Photoshop. Babies don’t have the strength or balance to hold their head on their own and so two photos of the baby are taken in this pose but each time, a parent is supporting the baby’s head from either side. These photos are then stitched together for a beautiful result!

Warning: Never try anything that involves your baby putting too much pressure on his head. It can cause neck injury as well as interfere with the development of his head muscles!

2. Crossed Arms

Baby - frog poseAlso known as the frog pose, the crossed arms pose has the baby supporting his head on his crossed arms while facing the camera. Again, they don’t have the strength or balance to support themselves and are top heavy. Thus, similar to the ‘Head in Hands’ pose, two photos are clicked and stitched together with the baby’s head supported in each photo safely.

Warning: Never let your baby exert too much force on his arms or keep them in an uncomfortable position. His limbs are still developing and need utmost care.

3. Tilted or Angled Shot

Baby - inclineThe most common of baby poses, the photo seemingly shows the baby lying on an incline as he sleeps adorably on his stomach. In reality, it’s dangerous for babies to sleep on an incline as they lack balance, and these photos are taken on a flat surface and edited to look like they do in post production. The results, as you can see, are amazingly cute!

Warning: Never put your baby on an inclined, irregular or slanting surface. Babies must always sleep or lie down on a flat surface.

4. Swinging in A Sling or The Sling Shot

Baby in slingIn this pose, the baby is lying in a sling that’s hanging from a branch. Unfortunately, what some parents and even some photographers don’t realize is that babies should always have a hand on them. This pose is created by capturing multiple shots with fingers and hands supporting the baby at all times from different angles, which are then stitched together with the multiple hands and fingers cloned out. For additional safety, the branch is barely a few inches above the ground with a bean bag placed below just in case.

Warning: Never leave your baby unattended or lying on a raised surface. Keeping them without support for even a few seconds can be dangerous.

5. Sitting in Arms

Baby - sitting in armsThese photos show the baby balanced quite dangerously on a parents arm in mid-air. Needless to say, your baby is at high risk of falling down. Professionals shoot this pose with babies lying down as parents wrap their arms around them. The clicked photo is then edited to look like they are being suspended in mid – air for the final photos.

Warning: Never expose your baby to risky sitting or lying positions even if they are only momentary. They must always lie down on a flat bed that doesn’t have any choking hazards or the risk of toppling over.

6. Balanced on One Arm


Baby in one armSimilar to the sitting in arms pose, the balanced on one arm pose has the parent seemingly holding up the baby mid-air in one arm. Again, this pose involves more than meets the eye, with the baby actually lying down with a parents arm around him while being shot and the clicked photos are edited later on for this powerful pose!

Warning: Never trust yourself to balance your baby on your arms or feet until they are a bit older. Babies can be slippery and wriggly and you may be doing more damage than you know.

7. Sitting Upright

Baby sitting upright Newborns obviously cannot sit upright, but this pose seems to show them doing so amazingly well. What we don’t know is that the are supported at all times through the shoot from different angles and clicked multiple times. The final result we see is a composite of these multiples, and completely safe for the baby.

Warning: Never force your baby in an uncomfortable position even if it is only to click a picture or only for a few moments. Their muscles are still underdeveloped and it will be a while till they can sit up.

8. Using Props

Baby - Common propsUsing props that to show your baby in creative poses is increasingly popular among new parents. Even as these props are grounded and supported, professionals always use someone to support the baby in all shots that are to be stitched together later, lest the baby slide and fall down. This ensures that the baby is completely safe.

Warning: Babies lack an inherent sense of balance and are at the risk of falling down or toppling over if exposed to props that involve sitting or lying down. These can also inflict injury or become a choking hazard if too small.

9. Irregular Props


Baby Irregular propsIrregular props that are unstable require additional attention when being used for baby shoots. They can be extremely dangerous and the baby needs to be supported at all times by a parent, who can be edited out in the final result.

Warning: Never let irregular or rough surfaces come in contact with your baby. They may seem fairly harmless but it is easy to be unprepared for a sudden accident.

Now that you know the truth behind these facts, only get a professional shoot done if you want these photos clicked. Remember to choose a photographer who is trained to handle babies and will know how to keep your precious little one safe and comfortable. Also keep in mind that some poses work for one baby but don’t work for others. If your baby shows signs of discomfort during a pose, skip it and move on to the next one. You might want beautiful memories to remember your baby’s first few days, but his safety should be your first concern!



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