7 Surprisingly Sexy Things About You that Your Husband Goes Wild About

7 Surprisingly Sexy Things About You that Your Husband Goes Wild About

Your husband’s idea of sexy can come as a surprise to you, especially when you learn the seemingly innocuous stuff you do that drives him crazy with desire. You may make light of the sexy things that tease your husband, but he’s going wild! Check out this list of fun ways to get him in the mood.

Men can be surprising. A soft touch here or a coy smile there can make them go wild – really! Such unsuspecting gestures will make for great ammunition in your naughty arsenal, so work them to your advantage.

7 Ways to Get your Husband in the Mood

1. The Running Fingers

Running your fingers through your hair or even along your collarbone can get him tingling with desire. Men love it when you touch yourself unconsciously so enjoy this teaser alert. One of the foolproof ways to get your husband in the mood, take it from us!

2. That Tender Touch

You may innocently lay your hand on his thigh or just hold him while going to bed. This in itself can be a good enough act of teasing your husband unknowingly. He loves your touch and it makes him feel all fuzzy, you can be sure!

3. A Hug

When it comes to hugging your hubby, you can be sure it’s going to make every hair on his back stand up. Even if it’s not an inviting hug, your breath on his body can make him warm inside.

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4. Yoga

Yoga makes you twist and turn your body at different angles. Every part of your body is in action so to speak and we all know how much men love action! You can bet he’s thinking of you doing all those moves in bed when you catch him giving you those furtive glances. Bonus: yoga will also keep you fit and energetic and some yoga asanas are even known to benefit sex life!

5. Your Manly Side

Men love it when they see their wives trying to be a plumber, electrician, or a mechanic and such. You could be trying to get the car to start, fixing a leaky faucet, or trying to change a fused light bulb. Your husband will see such labour as sexy, and it is one of the cutest ways of keeping your husband interested too.

6. Wearing his Shirts

There’s something about a woman wearing her husband’s shirts or T-shirts that inflames his desire. Just try wearing one of those button-down shirts of his and watch him look transfixed. You’ll be lucky if the shirt remains buttoned!

7. The Act of Sucking or Licking Anything

You sucking on a popsicle, licking an ice cream, or even biting into a fruit for that matter can conjure up a string of naughty ideas in his head. So, when wondering how to turn on your husband, just try this simple activity! Men will be men and let’s accept they are visual beings.

Now that you know of all the sexy things that tease your husband, let it be your secret weapon. Use them when you really want to stir things up between the sheets.

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