6 Obvious Signs Your Husband is Unhappy

6 Tell-Tale Signs Your Hubby Is Unhappy

Every marriage has its ups and downs. But if you notice a drastic change in your husband, heed the warning. There could be signs that your husband is unhappy which you can decipher and resolve only by paying attention.

Has your husband become distant from you? Do you remember when you last had a proper conversation? If the answer to these questions is no, it’s time to stop attributing his moodiness to stress or something at work and doing something about it before it’s too late!

How to Tell if Your Husband is Unhappy

1. He’s Distracted and Aloof

If your husband starts spending time on trivial things instead of on you or the children, it could spell trouble. When men are unhappy, they usually turn their attention to things like work, television or video games. A word of caution, however – don’t jump to conclusions just yet. Speak to him and ask if there’s a problem.

2. He Gives One-Word Replies

While your man’s monosyllables can sometimes mean he isn’t in the mood to talk, it can also be a defence mechanism against issues that are bogging him down. When faced with such a situation, don’t brush it off. Instead, tell him calmly that you know there’s something bothering him.

3. You Have ZERO Sexual Intimacy

Have you tried spicing things up in the bedroom? Go the full blast: edible massage oil, scented candles, music. These can really set the mood for the unhappy husband who could simply be too stressed out. Does he have a physical or health concern that’s worrying him? Visit the doctor and assure your hubby you are there for him.

4. Is He Nit-Picking?

Another sign is when he starts to nit-pick about the tiniest things. He could be acting up because he’s not happy with the marriage. Maybe he feels neglected or maybe things aren’t going the way he hoped. Whatever it is, you need to find out the reason through gentle persuasion and then work on resolving the issue.

Is He Nit-Picking?

5. Is There Another Woman?

Does your husband avoid having conversations with you and seems more interested in his phone? Have you caught him chatting and quickly closing the chat window or pretending to do something when you come along? You must confront these signs your partner is unhappy or worse, interested in someone else.

6. You Constantly Face Comparisons

Do you have to face repeated comparison with someone else which is not only unfair but grossly disturbing? Statements like ‘Why don’t you cook as well as she does?’ or ‘She makes time for her kids’ are dangerous! Add to that no more phone calls or bursts of affection and you sure have trouble. You need to talk to him and find out why he’s behaving the way he is.

The symptoms of an unhappy marriage are not always evident. They present themselves as small hints that eat away at the foundation of the relationship. If you notice any of these signs, talk to your husband. A little work and a lot of understanding can often salvage a marriage. Go ahead and have that discussion with your hubby right away.

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