51 Funny School Jokes for Kids

51 Funniest School Jokes For Kids

Most kids do not enjoy going back to school because it puts an end to their fun-filled summer adventures. However, with these clever school-related jokes, you will be able to ease the anxiety they feel about school. These jokes are one of the best ways to fill their weekdays with laughter and help them go back to school with a smile on their face.

Best School Jokes for Children to Laugh Loud

Here are a few elementary school jokes, the first day of school jokes, clean school jokes, and other school appropriate jokes for kids.

1. What is black when it is clean and white when it is dirty?

A blackboard!

2. Today the teacher yelled at me for something I did not do? What was that?

My homework!

3. Which subject in school are witches good at?


4. What happened when the teacher tied all the laces of the students’ shoes together?

They all had a class trip!

5. How do little fishes go to school?

They go using an octoBus!

6. Why is history considered to be a very sweet subject?

Because history is full of dates!

7. What did the ghost teacher tell her students?

She said, “watch the board, and I will go through it”.

8. How do bee parents send their little bees to school?

They go by school buzz.

9. What is the first thing that gorillas learn in school?

The Ape B C’s!

10. Why did the music teacher ask her students for a ladder?

She wanted to reach the high notes!

11. What is the worst thing that people find at the school cafeteria?

The food!

12. Why was the nose sad to go to school again?

The nose was tired of getting picked on!

13. Why did the student want to study in an airplane?

Because he wanted to get a higher education!

14. Why was the music teacher stuck outside his classroom?

Because his keys were on the piano!

15. Why did the math book always look sad?

Because it was full of problems!

16. Why did the student eat the homework?

Because the teacher said the homework was a piece of cake!

17. What is the first thing that elves learn in school?

They learn the elf-abet!

18. Which destination do pencils love to visit?


19. Which dinosaur has the best vocabulary at school?

The thesaurus.

20. Why did the teacher wear sunglasses?

Because all her students were so bright!

21. What does a book do during the winters?

It puts on a jacket!

22. Why does the school library not have a clock?

Because it tocks a lot!

23. Why did the teacher jump into the swimming pool?

Because she wanted to test the pool’s water!

24. Why do magicians always do well in class tests?

Because they can handle all the trick questions!

25. Why didn’t the little fishes never go on vacation?

Because they are always stuck at school!

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26. How does the chemistry teacher freshen her breath?

With her experi-mints!

27. What did the student say to the teacher after he missed a day in school?

He said, “No, ma’am. I didn’t miss it at all!”.

28. What flies around the kindergarten classroom at night?

The alpha-BAT!

29. Why doesn’t the sun go to the university?

Because it already has a million degrees!

30. What is the math teacher’s favorite dessert?


31. Why did six hate seven?

Seven eight (ate) nine!

32. What did the calculator say to his friend?

He said, “you can count on me!”.

33. Why do teachers give homework?

Just to annoy the students.

34. Why did the Cyclops close the school?

Because he had only a single pupil!

35. Why did a student steal a chair from the classroom?

Because the teacher said them to take a seat!

36. Where do kids from New York learn multiplication?

At Times Square!

37. Which tool do you use for math?


38. Why did a student drown?

Because all his grades were below C-level!

39. Why is a music teacher great at baseball?

Because he has a perfect pitch!

40. Where do monsters get an education?

In ghoul school!

41. What should never happen to a geography teacher?

He should never get lost!

42. Who teaches students in ghoul school?

The creature teacher.

43. When do student astronauts eat?

During launch time!

44. Who is the king of the classroom!

The ruler!

45. What did the paper say to the pen during a test?

“Write one!”

46. Which school do surfers go to?

The Boarding school!

47. What is a librarian’s favorite vegetable?

It is Quiet peas.

48. What did pen say to the pencil?

He said, “What’s your point?”.

49. Which is a caterpillar’s favorite class?

It is mathematics!

50. Which room can a student never enter?

A mushroom!

51. Which is the most tired school supply?

A knapsack!

Share these funny school appropriate jokes at home or use these funny jokes to tell your friends at school! Kids can also share school lunch jokes to have fun during lunch! No matter where you are, these jokes are going to make sure everybody laughs!

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