40 Funny Christmas Jokes for Kids to Chuckle

40 Hilarious Christmas Jokes for Kids to Chuckle

Christmas is a festival that brings joy and happiness to our lives. Let it be short Christmas jokes or silly kids Christmas jokes, the little ones laugh at everything. We present you some great funny Christmas jokes for kids that are sure to make your little kid laugh a little harder!

40 Sweet Kid-friendly Christmas Jokes

Choose from the below-given toddler Christmas jokes and make him laugh like crazy. You can tell him a Christmas knock-knock joke and enjoy seeing him rolling on the floor. These Christmas jokes for children are cute and easily understandable by the little ones.

1. Why is Snoop Dog so fond of giving gifts?

He is very good at wrapping.

2. What weather do you predict on Christmas eve?

There is a bright chance of reindeer.

3. What is a snow monster having a six-pack called?

Abdominal Snowman.

4. What did Santa say when he was snuck up on by a reindeer who stuck its tooth on Santa’s arm?

Now, this is a silent bite, I must say.

5. Which is the body part that is only visible during Christmas time?


6. Which is the best song to sing at a snowman’s birthday party?

“Freeze a jolly good fellow”.

7. What do you think is the best pass time of snowmen?

They just chill out there.

8. What would make the best Christmas gift?

A broken drum of course, because nobody can beat it.

9. Which Christmas song would you sing to your pet rock?

“Rocking around that Christmas tree”.

10. What is the name of the kid who is scared of Santa Claus?


Christmas Jokes
11. How would you wish Christmas to a fruit?

Berry Christmas.

12. What is hung on the Christmas tree of a reindeer?


13. What does Santa say at the end of Christmas?

To a ho-ho-ho-tel.

14. Why is Santa so happy?

He’s got a great sense of elf.

15. What’s the name of the snowman’s favorite cereal?

Frosty Flakes

16. Which is the Christmas gift you cannot beat?

A broken drum

17. Which is the ball that doesn’t bounce?

A snowball

18. What is a grumpy reindeer called?


19. What comes at the end of Christmas?

The letter “S”.

20. What turns red, white and blue on Christmas?

A sad candy cane.

Christmas jokes for kids
21. What are elves doing after Christmas?

Gnome work

22. What did Santa say after crashing his sleigh?

I’m Scrooged.

23. Which is the wettest animal of all?


24. Name the best thing to put on Christmas dinner.


25. How do sheep wish each other at Christmas?

Merry Christmas to ewe.

26. What do sheep say to shepherds at Christmas?

Season’s Bleatings.

27. How do sheep wish Christmas in Mexico?

Fleece Navidad.

28. How does a Chihuahua wish Christmas?

Fleas Navidog.

29. How do you feel about Christmas?


30. What do Christmas crackers say to each other?

My pop is better than yours.

Funny Christmas jokes for kids
31. What comes at the end of Christmas Day?

The letter “Y”.

32. What did Adam say on Christmas eve?

It’s Christmas, Eve.

33. What do you feel when there are too many Christmas decorations?

I got the “Tinsel” itis.

34. Name the best key at Christmas.


35. Which the Christmas song for wild animals?

Jingle bells, Jingle bells.

36. What did one Christmas light say to another light?

You light me up.

37. Where is mistletoe going to get famous?

“Holly” wood.

38. Why is Christmas the favorite festival of Mummies?

Everything comes wrapped.

39. Did you buy any Christmas seals?

No, I don’t know how to feed them.

40. What did one angry mouse send to another at Christmas?

Cross mouse cards!

It is said that laughter is the best therapy. So, make your kid laugh more by telling him one of these hilarious jokes this Christmas.

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