Saree Draping Styles to Look Slim Post Pregnancy

5 Ways to Wear a Saree to Hide Post Pregnancy Weight

Feeling awkward or self-conscious to wear a saree post pregnancy? Worried about it being unflattering? Well, don’t let post pregnancy weight stop you from looking fashionable and elegant in a saree. Read on to learn how to wear sarees in different ways to look utterly stylish again!

Post pregnancy weight may be expected, but it’s not always welcomed. In between feeding, cleaning, and taking care of household chores, finding the time to work out seems next to impossible. There’s a way around this dilemma. However, it has nothing to do with exercise, and everything to do with knowing how to dress cleverly with sarees.

Saree Draping Styles To Look Slim

You can hide your post pregnancy weight while still having time to juggle everything that’s on a mom’s plate. Here are five different ways to wear a saree to get you looking svelte again.

1. Tamil Pinkosu Style

The Tamil pinkosu saree drape is surprisingly easy to do. It involves forming three or four pleats at the outset and tucking it into the front left side of your waist, leaving the border of the saree outside to create a small pleated fan. Wrap the remaining fabric around your back and bring it to the same front left area before tucking it in. Next, take the remainder of the saree and drape it over your left shoulder. Take the pallu and snugly wrap it around your waist to cover your midriff before tucking it into your back.

2. Alternative Bengali Style

This modern twist on the Bengali drape will have you looking absolutely gorgeous! You begin the usual way by taking a 360-degree turn with the saree tucked into your waist. Form pleats and tuck them into the front. Pleat the pallu and throw it over your left shoulder a little loose, so it creates a cascading effect on the front. Then take one end of the pallu and bring it toward your front from under your right arm. Use a decorative brooch to secure it to the front

3. Stylish Front Drape

This one is the easiest, though it may not look so. Start with the usual tucking and pleating of the saree into your waist. After draping the pallu over your left shoulder, instead of letting it fall to the back or bringing it around to your right side, loop it over the same shoulder, so it falls to your front.

4. Traditional Drape

The traditional drape can be tweaked to conceal the midriff if you aren’t comfortable showing it off. Once you’ve wrapped, pleated and tucked in the saree, take the pallu and drape it over your left shoulder. Rather than letting it hang loose, take one end and bring it around to your front. Tuck the same end into the left side of your waist so that your midriff is covered.

5. Add a Stylish Layer

Give the traditional nivi saree drape a touch of style with an elegant jacket. Choose a design that’s not too tight, but has a fabulous fit. An open front jacket is perfect for showing off a lovely blouse or statement jewellery. But if you need more coverage, choose one that has a mandarin collar and can be buttoned or zipped up. A hip-length jacket with an A-line cut will help create a gorgeous shapely silhouette.

Meet post pregnancy weight head on as you learn how to wear sarees in different ways. These five different styles to wear sarees will have you looking fantastic in no time! The versatile saree can be played up with pretty jewellery, bindis and fancy hairstyles. If you’re wearing heels, step into them before wearing your saree so that the length is just right.


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