At What Age Toddlers Can Move and Roll a Ball?

When Tots Can Kick and Get a Ball Rolling

As your child turns 1, he starts playing with a ball by moving it around. He begins rolling it and even kicking it by the time he turns 2. Catching comes later. For parents whose 24-month-old toddler is kicking and spinning a ball, it’s time to introduce other ball activities.
The present generation leads a more sedentary lifestyle than their parents led. But physical activity is extremely important if children are to develop muscles and stimulate their minds. Parents have a crucial role to play in getting kids used to physical activity, and it is during the formative years that good exercise habits can be established. One such activity is playing ball with your child.Though it may take a little time for him to set it rolling, with practice and repetition he’ll soon start rolling, chasing and kicking it!

Tips for a 24-month-old Toddler Rolling the Ball

1. Keep Him Motivated

Skills such as running, kicking and throwing take practice and patience on part of parents. You’re watching your toddler learning to play with a ball, so enjoy the activity with him and encourage him to learn new skills like rolling and kicking.

2. Play with Him

Post 7 months, toddlers can actively engage with their environments in a systematic manner. Their vision develops and they can track moving objects better. Playing is one of the most important things a parent can do with her child. The time spent not only builds confidence but helps develop social skills.

3. Move Stage By Stage

At what age can toddlers move a ball? From around 12-18 months, but this age varies between kids. They don’t immediately learn to roll a ball either. They move it around and then progress step by step. You can guide your child on different ways to play with a ball.

  • Start with throwing– Sit apart and roll a soft ball back and forth between the two of you, moving farther apart after a few passes. Very soon, your child will want to throw it because of the increasing distance. You can also teach him the act of throwing a ball into a basket. Do this after you see him rolling a ball properly.
  • Once he’s comfortable with picking and throwing, introduce kicking. Show him how to use his feet instead of his hands to roll a ball back and forth between the two of you.
  • Catching can also be introduced by getting your child to roll the ball up a small incline to catch on the way down. Throw and catch comes much later.

4. Try out Different Things with the Ball

Kids bouncing a ball at home or at a park may seem very mundane to adults but it’s an excellent toy because they can use it in so many different ways such as kicking, throwing, catching, aiming, rolling, bouncing and tracking.

Not every child is interested in ball activities for toddlers. Some kids lean towards it and can happily play toss-and-catch for hours while for others, running and chasing is more enjoyable. So, it’s not a cause of concern if your kid is playing with something else. The idea is to get him involved in opportunities for gross motor play. Does your child play a ball? What activities do you engage him in?

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