6 Things You Must Tell Your Husband This Father’s Day - 2024

6 Things You Must Convey to Your Husband this Father’s Day

A father witnesses his baby’s first steps, provides for his family and is there emotionally for his wife. Therefore, appreciating your husband on Father’s Day can make the day truly special. A word of appreciation, a gesture of love or even a small poem could make your man happy.

Your husband’s been your strength, your anchor for love and makes a father only a few can stand in comparison. What better time than Father’s Day to show your gratitude and to compliment him for being the best dad ever. Well, there are a few things to tell your husband this Father’s Day to make his day even sweeter than it already is going to be (thanks to your kids who’re busy planning a surprise for him.

Things to Tell your Husband this Father’s Day

1. ‘You Are Appreciated’

Don’t just let your kids do all the gifting and cheering this Father’s Day, you should also seize the moment and thank him for being a great dad to the kids and a loving husband to you. Thank him for the small things he does for the family day in and day out. It could be anything from helping your daughter rehearse her theatre lines or making the morning tea for you. You can always say those sweet words and then give him a nice gift too. He is sure to be overwhelmed with the overflow of affection.

2. ‘I Believe In You’

Most of the fathers love to hear their wives tell them, “I believe in you”. This makes him feel good and worthy. Maybe he’s been going through a rough phase at work. Those three words can put things into perspective and lessen his stress. Reassure him that no matter what, he’ll always be a great dad. Ask your kids to say something along those lines to him too on this day. These words accompanied by a hearty breakfast in bed could really make Father’s Day a great day for him.

3. ‘Your Role is Important’

Society tends to overlook the role played by the dad. However, you can remind your husband of the stellar job he’s been doing over the years. Tell him that you respect his role as a breadwinner and as someone who contributes to the emotional balance at home too. It’s a tough juggle and you’re mighty proud, he does the balancing act so well. It’ll not only help build his confidence, but will make him feel important too. We all need to be reminded of our significance every once in a while.

4. ‘Thank God We’re Different!’

Your husband does not need to be like you. While he may be the good cop with the kids, you may be the bad cop. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The fact that he helps to balance the situation should be appreciated. He may allow your kids a bar of ice cream too often while you might want them to not go easy on the sugar. Accommodate and be thankful for the great job he’s doing at pampering the kids. Let him know that you value what he does at home. Appreciating your husband on Father’s Day in this way is a win-win.

5. ‘I Have Your Back’

Let your husband know that you’ll continue to support him every step of the way. Through the losses, the failures and even the heartbreak, you’ll always be there for him. Let him know that you have his back through thick and thin and there is no way you’re ever backing down. You want to be his partner in times of both mirth and sadness, and sometimes saying it out loud helps. Make him feel special and rejoice in his happiness.

6. ‘Thank You for Being Considerate’

Even though he may not expect it, thank your husband for always being considerate of your feelings. For patiently listening to you and for sharing his thoughts. For being there for the kids and understanding what they’re going through. Even if he’s a man of few words, we’re pretty sure he must be showing it through his actions. While consideration may seem basic, it is one of the most important principles in a successful marriage and parenthood.

This Father’s Day, make sure you contribute to your husband’s happiness apart from what the kids do. Tell him what he means in your life. Let him know exactly how you feel. Have nothing hold you back while you show your gratitude and love. It will make the gifts and the breakfast much more special and meaningful too!

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