Fathers Day 2023 - How to Honour Your Dad on Father's Day?

7 Ways to Make Your Dad Swell With Pride This Father’s Day

Your dad’s an extraordinary person who puts in a lot of hard work and finds contentment in your smile. Father’s Day is around the corner; what do you plan to do for him to make the day extra special, and how do you plan to have your children celebrate their own dad? Here are some amazing ideas to honour all the fathers and fill their hearts with joy and make them swell with pride.

Ways to Honour Your Dad on Father’s Day This Year

1. Gift Him a Relaxing Day With a Note of Gratitude

Your dad’s under a lot of pressure to meet deadlines, complete chores and keep everything in perfect working order around the house. So this Father’s Day, one way to honour your father would be to show your gratitude towards all the hard work he puts in and gift him a day of complete relaxation. Offer to do his chores for him and let him relax and rejuvenate by indulging in his favourite activities. Your children can do the same for their dad by making a beautiful note thanking their father for everything he provides and helping him with some simple chores.

2. A Breakfast Dedicated to Dad

Clichéd though it may sound, this is one of the best ways to make Father’s Day special for the man who makes every day of your life special. Cook him a scrumptious breakfast of all his favourite items or take him out for breakfast to his favourite restaurant. Celebrate the event with a note of thanks by appreciating your father and sharing how much he truly means to you. You can use the same idea for your children, too. Help them prepare a morning meal for their dad or take them out together. It will turn out to be a memorable day dedicated to all the fathers in the family.

3. Notes to Daddy

One of the most loved and time-tested ways to make your father feel special is by writing Father’s Day notes for him. All you need is a pen and a few sheets of paper. Write down all that you appreciate about your dad, and add thank you notes for all the love and care he’s showered on you. Hide the notes in places where he’s sure to find them. He’ll swell with pride, and his eyes will definitely well up, too. Needless to say, your hubby will love getting the same gift from his brood on Father’s Day.

Father and Daughter writing notes

4. Picture Perfect

One of the best ways to honour your dad on Father’s Day is by presenting him with a picture memory book. Fill it up with photos of you and your dad together, starting from the time when you were a baby right up to the present. Include a few anecdotes and funny memories, too. This is a gift that your dad will cherish all through his life!

5. Surprise Daddy’s Day Out

Plan a surprise day out at your father’s favourite picnic spot. A day in advance, make posters and put up pictures of all the times your dad has cared for you, laughed or even cried with you, and made you proud. Nothing would make him happier than you spending quality time with him, and his heart will swell with pride upon seeing all the memories you collected for him. Enjoy talking about them as you have his favourite lunch, and also have a round of his favourite board game. Don’t forget to catch up on all the latest happenings. You can plan a picnic with your children and hubby, too, and have your kids make posters and collect memories. Spending the day together away from home can be refreshing and plenty of fun.

6. Write a Song/Poem

Nothing can beat a beautiful song or poem to sing praises of your father, who is no less than a superhero. Include everything he does and how he does them to ensure your life is easy and convenient. Put up a surprise show and watch your father swell with pride as you count each thing he does for you and each blessing he showers upon you. Add some instrumentation and record it as well to share a digital copy that he can watch anytime he desires.

7. Perform Small Acts of Kindness

Your father will be brimming with pride when you continue his lineage of performing small acts of kindness that he has taught you since your childhood. Pledge to volunteer with him for his favourite cause every year to make a difference to the world. Encourage your children to do the same and make their father feel proud of his teachings and upbringing.

Your dad finds his happiness in your happiness. He’s extremely special, and it’s important that you make him feel so. This Father’s Day, honour your father with these interesting ideas. Feel free to add in your own or change them up a bit to suit your time. Ask your children for ideas to celebrate their dad, too. Make the men in your lives cherish their roles as fathers!

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