5 Fun Activities To Help Strengthen Pouring Skills In Preschoolers

5 Fun Activities To Help Strengthen Pouring Skills In Preschoolers

As pouring speeds up the development of fine motor skills in children, it is important to develop this skill in children through various activities.

Gripping a handle of a small water container and pouring water helps promote fine motor control in toddlers. In fact, pouring is a life skill that offers your preschooler numerous benefits. Benefits of honing pouring skills include:

  • Increased concentration :
  • Improved eye-hand coordination
  • Develops self-regulation
  • Enhances critical thinking skills
  • Promotes spatial awareness
  • Builds independence

We know that engaging your child in pouring as an activity is important, but it’s a tough task keeping his attention. Introducing your little one to some fun pouring activities can be a brilliant way to hone his pouring skills while keeping his attention. Here, we list a few pouring activities for your preschoolers. Read on to learn all about it.

1. Colour The Water Activity

Kids love to play with colors. So, teach your preschooler a fun pouring activity to color plain water by mixing colored water with it. You need three big transparent water containers, three transparent glasses, and three food colors. Partially, fill three transparent water containers with plain, colourless water. Fill other three water glasses with colored water such that only one food color is added to each glass. For instance, first glass contains red water made by adding red food color. Likewise fill second and third glasses with blue and green water respectively. Now ask your preschooler to color the plain water red by pouring the red water from the glass to one of the transparent containers containing colorless water. Similarly, colour other two clear glasses of water blue and green.
Your toddler will find this water coloring activity fun and he will take a great interest in pouring colored water into colorless water. It helps improve eye-hand coordination, fine motor skills and critical thinking. ||

2. Make Water Levels Equal

Fill two equal-sized transparent water glasses with varying amounts of water, such that three-fourth of the first glass and one-fourth of the second glass is filled with water. Now, ask your toddler to pour water from one glass to another to make the levels of water equal in both the glasses. This will promote spatial awareness, eye-hand coordination, and fine motor skills of your toddler.

3. Water The Plants in Flower Pots

One of the simplest activities to strengthen your preschooler’s pouring skills is watering the plants. Instruct your toddler to water the plants planted in the flower pots by using a water-filled container without spilling the water out of the flower pots. Your growing little one will find this activity interesting. Watering the plants will help build concentration to avoid spillage and promotes spatial awareness, self-regulation to stop pouring to avoid water overflow from the flower pots.

4. Serve The Tea

Gift your preschooler a small-sized teapot and a few tea cups. Fill the teapot with water and tell your toddler to pour the water from the narrow opening of the teapot into the tea cups and serve it to you and his friends. This activity will improve your preschooler’s pouring and courtesy skills.

5. Fill A Vase with Narrow Opening

Provide your preschooler with a wide-mouthed vessel filled with water and an empty vase having a narrow opening. Ask your toddler to fill the narrow-mouthed vase by pouring the water from the wide-mouthed vessel without spilling the water outside the vase. This activity will promote self-regulation, enhance eye-hand coordination and concentration, and improve spatial awareness.

Did you know any other enjoyable activities to improve your preschooler’s pouring skills? Share your ideas with other moms by leaving a comment below.

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