8 COSTLY Mistakes Most Of Us Make When Shopping For Our Baby

8 COSTLY Mistakes Most Of Us Make When Shopping For Our Baby!

No matter if you are a modest house-wife, or a wealthy business tycoon – money is money, and everybody always strives to save their money. When it comes to shopping, us women have it all nailed down to a science – how to plan shopping around the year, how to make the most of sale periods, how to get the best deals, etc. However, in spite of being expert shoppers, it is quite possible for us to go horribly wrong when it comes to shopping for the babies!

When it comes to shopping for babies, there are several key things we need to avoid. These tips are quite different from shopping for yourself or the rest of the family, as you will see.

Here are 8 common shopping mistakes that you should avoid while shopping for babies.

1. Cheaper By The Dozen

Why? – Because hoarding may lead to you not actually using every single item you buy.

It is common psychology to think that if you buy something in bulk quantities, you might get a better deal. Things actually do come cheaper by the dozen. However, what if you ended up using only few of the things? Always remember that when it comes to shopping for baby clothes, diapers, etc., it is never cheaper by the dozen. Babies can outgrow their clothes real fast! Similarly, when buying baby food too, cheaper by the dozen may not work if you pick food without checking the expiration date.

2. It’s On SALE!

Why? – Because goods on sale are sometimes not fresh and may be closer to their expiration date.

This is another ‘common knowledge’ that fails when it comes to baby shopping. Sometimes, goods that are available on sale are close to their expiration date (with respect to food). This kind of food can give your baby a host of stomach problems. When it comes to clothes or other personal use items, check that the goods on sale are fresh. The seams should not rip easy, the cloth should not be worn, the quality of cloth shouldn’t have deteriorated, and the material should be soft.

3. I Couldn’t Say ‘No’!

Why? – Because the shopping assistant should not decide what you buy for your baby!

We are sure all of us are guilty of having done this at some point: picked up things we didn’t really want because the shopkeeper or shopping assistant was very convincing. You knew in your gut that your baby might not feel comfortable in that onesie; you perhaps knew for a fact that the elastic of the skirt might fit too tightly around her waist. You still bought it anyway, because the shopping assistant said it would look cute! No! Don’t do that!

4. Shopping Without A List

Why? – Because shopping without planning can empty your wallet in no time!

It is very tempting to walk into a baby-store, look at all those cute things, and want to buy them all! In fact, certain goods are strategically placed in stores, so that you will instinctively pick them up on an impulse. Have you noticed how soft-toys are kept close to the billing counter? They beseech you to buy them with their innocent eyes! Avoid doing this by walking into a store, armed with a shopping list to defend the money in your purse!

5. Home-made versus Commercial Goods

Why? – Because home-made things can save a lot of money!

There is no shame in using home-made things for your baby. The worst thing you can do to your wallet or money is give in to peer pressure and pick up things to keep up appearances. A lot of baby essentials can be made at home and used equally efficiently as compared to their commercial counterparts. What’s more, they’ll save you a lot of money!

6. Expensive Means Better Quality

Why? – Because that’s a myth!

A lot of mothers think – the more expensive a product is, the better its quality is. The truth couldn’t be farther from this myth! The best way to choose a brand of baby products is to try and see which one suits your baby the best. It might turn out that you need three different brands – wipes of one, powder of another, and diaper rash cream of a third one! When it comes to food, your baby might show a certain taste-based preference for a particular brand… even if it is cheaper than the ‘most common’ brand. Remember – it’s not about the money, it’s about the quality and how well something suits your baby.

7. Sizing Perfectly

Why? – Because babies grow real fast!

This is the most important baby shopping idea to remember: babies grow faster than we can imagine. This means your baby is going to outgrow his clothes quite fast. Always pick clothes such that they can be used for long enough periods. As a thumb rule you may buy clothes that are half to one size bigger than the size your baby needs. Alternatively you can buy bigger clothes and have them taken in. As your baby grows, you can simply rip the seam, so that the garment is now a size bigger.

8. Being Brand Conscious

Why? – Because even a lesser-known brand can offer good products!

While buying anything, and especially baby products, always remember: quality and comfort should be a priority over everything else. As long as your baby is comfortable and looks cute as crazy, why should anyone care what brand you are buying? One good way to save money while shopping for babies is to give the lesser-known and more affordable brands a fair chance too; you may never know which might have you feel like you just struck gold!

So those were some easy baby shopping ideas for you to save big bucks. Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments section!

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