2T Vs 24 Months: Know The Difference Between These Baby Clothes Sizes

24 Months Vs 2T: Know The Difference Between These Baby Clothes Sizes

There are different designs when it comes to choosing baby clothes. Not only designs but the sizes matter the most. Choosing the perfect size for a baby of either 24 months or 2- or 3-year toddler is difficult. When shopping for your baby may sometimes be okay enough, but gifting to someone by only knowing the size may or may not fit the baby because there are various key differences that one may come across while doing a 24m vs. 2T analysis.

Therefore, when shopping for baby clothes, you must check the cloth’s size. To select the perfect one, you must first know what age the baby wears these sizes and get every detail beforehand. Thus, to make you aware of these details, we are here to guide you best. 

Are 24 Months and 2T the Same Size? 

When buying the clothes for a baby, you must have heard the shopkeeper saying, which one do you want, 24 months or 2T? So, did you know what it means? If not, don’t worry; this is the confusion various parents face. 

24 months vs. 2T is the labels attached to the clothes. These labels indicate the sizes of the clothes. 24 months labeled clothes are for the baby around 18 to 24 months. While the 2T clothes are for the toddlers. 2T clothes can be worn by a 2 to 4 years old baby. This way, it is clarified that these two sizes are entirely different, and there is no similarity between them. 

What Is the Difference Between 2T and 24 Months?

What Is the Difference Between 2T and 24 Months?

24 months clothes are the baby clothes while the 2T is the toddler’s clothes. This difference is made on a certain basis. 24m vs. 2T can be drawn by looking at the style and designs of the clothes. Therefore, before choosing the clothes for your child, have a look at the differences:

1. Fittings and Measurement

If you wonder what’s bigger, 2T or 24 months, here is your answer. 24 months clothes are comparatively smaller than the 2T clothes. These clothes fit best on a baby who is 24 months old and is almost of free size. The size of the 2T clothes mainly fits the toddler, which is the growing stage for a child, so the clothes differ in size.

2. Style and Design 

When it comes to designs and styles, these clothes are perfect in their places. 24 months clothes highlight baby styles more, while the 2T clothes emphasize the kid styles. Moreover, 24 months clothes are much more comfortable and softer than 2T clothes. 

3. Intention 

24-month clothes are more intended for small babies who do not know how to stand or toddlers. Diaper babies mainly wear these 24 months’ labeled clothes. They don’t know how to pull down their dress or push away their clothes. Whereas 2T clothes are for children who have newly started to walk or toddlers. These clothes are designed for them to learn to pull their pants up and down. 

4. Type of Look 

When drawing a 2T vs. 24 months comparison, one must consider what look they want to give to their child. 24 months clothes are more inclined towards giving a babyish look by using bright colors and images of cute animals. On the other hand, the 2T look will make your toddler look like an adult in small clothes. 

5. Diaper or Not

24 months clothes are known for leaving some space for diapers. However, the 2T clothes are for children undergoing potty training and no longer need a diaper. This is one of the key differences in the comparison of 2T vs. 24 months. 

24 Months Vs. 2T – Which Size Should Your Baby Wear? 

After reading the differences between both the cloth types, you may wonder which cloth you should choose for your baby. Several brands have offered a comprehensive list of sizes that suit your baby based on their weight and age. Let’s have a look at the sizes offered by different brands.

1. Carter’s

If you choose a carter cloth in the 24-month category, your baby should be 28-30 lbs in weight and 32-34 inches in height. While for 2T clothes, the ideal weight and height are 29-31 lbs and 35-36.5 inches, respectively. 

2. Gap 

24 months gap clothes fit perfectly on a baby of 27-30lbs and height 31-33 inches. The 2t clothes in this segment are perfect for babies of weight 30-33 lbs and height 33-36 inches. 

3. Cat & Jack

Babies who weigh 26.5- 28 lbs and have 33-35.5 inches can choose 24-month clothes. In contrast, the 2T clothes of Cat & Jack can be worn by babies of weight 26.5- 28 lbs and 33-35.5 inches in height. 

4. Garanimals 

The Garanimals clothes in 24M fit perfectly on a child weighing 26.5 to 30 lbs with 32-33.5 inches in height.

So, these are some key comparisons between 2T and 24 months clothes sizes, and now you know what type of clothes you should buy for your baby. Make sure you check general guidelines before buying clothing for your ever-growing kid. 

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