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Baby Skin in Winter – Keeping Eczema and Dry Skin Away!

Along with a festive spirit, winter brings biting winds and skin issues, primarily in the form of dryness and eczema. Babies have supple yet more sensitive skin than adults, so it becomes crucial for parents to adopt proactive measures to safeguard their baby’s delicate skin. Layering them with multiple clothes won’t do the trick; your cutie patootie needs a dedicated winter skincare routine and nourishment from within to keep them cosy through the season!

Catching the Culprit

Harsh weather, including cold winds and low humidity levels, can unapologetically strip away your baby’s natural skin moisture, leaving them dry and irritated. Indoor heating systems, on the other hand, further contribute to dehydration. The lack of moisture in the air with inadequate hydration creates the perfect storm for skin troubles.

One of the infamous skin troubles babies experience is eczema. During winters, the ideal skin pH 5.5, which helps maintain the skin barrier, ultimately preventing any bacterial growth and keeping it hydrated gets disrupted. When the skin is not protected, eczema increases the skin’s pH level, thereby weakening the skin barrier and leaving it dehydrated, itchy, and inflamed. And, we all know, how stressful those itches and inflammation can be for young babies. Thus, maintaining the skin pH level using pH-balanced products is crucial in managing eczema.

Fret not, for we have devised a perfect winter skincare routine for your snuggle bunny!

Building a Winter Skincare Routine: Essential Winter Skincare Tips

A baby’s skin is a marvel, soft as a feather and gentle as a lamb. To ensure it is well cared for, here are some winter practices and advice you must not shy away from this season.

1. Use a Gentle Cleanser

During winters, babies don’t need daily baths; 2-3 times a week is optimal to keep germs away and avoid dryness. Choose mild, fragrance-free baby wash or soap that does not strip away the skin’s protective acidic film and keeps your baby’s skin hydrated. Sebamed’s Baby Gentle Wash is a go-to for parents as it helps maintain the skin’s pH balance during and after bath time. Since it is a mild body wash, it is also fit for daily use and does not disrupts the friendly skin pH level.

2. Moisturise the Skin Right

Eczema rashes are no joke! They are dry, red, swollen, and itchy patches on a baby’s skin that can appear anywhere on the body and cause discomfort to the child. Therefore, locking in the moisture right after a bath is crucial to avoiding skin troubles. You can opt for a baby-specific moisturiser like Sebamed Baby Lotion, formulated to be gentle on your tiny tot’s delicate skin. Sebamed Extra Soft Cream is a quintessential cream to hydrate from deep within. Dermatologically tested, it contains Chamomile extracts and Panthenol that soothe and regenerate the skin. This pH-balanced soft cream and baby lotion will ensure the skin pH is maintained and your baby is far off from eczema and other derma issues.

3. Dress in Layers

Layering is an art – when done right, it can keep your little munchkin warm and cosy without causing suffocation or irritation. Choose breathable and skin-friendly fabrics such as cotton as the first layer. As you add more layers, you can opt for non-stuffy warm clothes.

4. Outdoor Protection From the Sun

Though the sun is a welcoming reprieve from the winter chills, its UV rays can still harm delicate skin, especially when reflected off bright surfaces like snow. Shield your infant’s skin with a Sebamed Baby Protective Facial Cream, a moisturising complex with soothing agents – Vitamin E, Allantoin, and Panthenol. Top it up with a baby-safe sunscreen and a Sebamed Baby Lip Balm containing nurturing shea butter, vitamin E, and jojoba oil.

5. Use Humidifiers

Humidifiers are one of the best investments during colder months. They add moisture to the air, preventing skin dryness and cough in babies.

Keep Diaper Rash in Check

It is difficult for babies to go diaper or trouser-free in winter due to cold weather. Wearing diapers for extended hours can restrict air supply and lead to inflammation in that area. Keep a Sebamed Baby Rash Cream handy to apply to the affected areas to heal that rash. It has a formula that contains wheat bran extract and titanium dioxide, which forms a protective layer to soothe rashes and maintain the skin’s pH balance.

6. Avoid Overheating

Dressing your baby in too many warm clothes can suffocate them and overeat their skin, leading to skin irritation. Therefore, dressing babies appropriately for the weather is essential.

7. Recognise Eczema Signs

Given how vulnerable a baby’s skin is, sometimes, no matter the level of protection, dryness penetrates the skin. As primary caregivers, you must regularly check for signs of eczema, like itchy patches and redness. If observed, seek medical attention without any delay.

8. Nourishment From Within

Internal nourishment is as necessary as external moisturiser application and wearing warm clothes. Keep your baby hydrated by breastfeeding regularly and giving them plenty of water and juices to combat winter skin issues.

Winter is a much-awaited season, filled with frosted windows and cosy blanket snuggles with your little angel. So, while it is there, prepare to combat dry skin spells by following a winter skincare routine and incorporating nourishing practices to ensure your little one enjoys the season rather than layered up in a corner.

Happy winter to you and your little dreamer!

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