Twin Pregnancy Week 23: Symptoms, Baby Size, Body Changes & More

23 Weeks Pregnant With Twins or Multiples

Congratulations! You’ve made it to the 23rd week of your pregnancy, and your twins must be very happy for safely carrying them in your womb. Being 23 weeks pregnant with twins is another thrill – a thrill for not one but two babies in the womb. You are a week or so away from completing what is usually termed the honeymoon stage of the pregnancy. But there’s nothing to worry about because things will get better. This particular week is quite crucial; it is during this week that you and your babies will gain a majority of the weight. You will soon move to the final trimester of the pregnancy.

The Growth of the Babies at 23 Weeks

While the previous weeks might have been filled with numerous changes and interesting developments with regard to the growth of your triplets or twins, this week will be relatively calm. The focus primarily stays on keeping their growth unabated and letting things progress at their natural pace.

The skin covering your 23-week twins around this time is still a bit shrunk and wrinkled since the fat deposits on the baby are yet to reach a quantity that can stretch the skin to a proper limit. That translucent red skin could make the babies look weird, but this will pass in the coming months.

If you tried listening to the heartbeat of your little ones but had to wait for the ultrasound scans for that to happen, then you are in for a treat. Usually, around the 23rd week, the hearts of your twins or triplets will be stronger and will pump blood even more intensely. This can make it possible for you to hear the heartbeats by merely using a stethoscope. Your doctor can guide you for the same.

By this time, your twins or triplets will grow quite rapidly. One of the last organs that develop is the lungs; their lower airways of the lungs will start developing. However, babies do tend to make attempts at breathing as they practice it inside, making similar movements that they would mimic once they are out in the real world. With brain development reaching a significant milestone and eyes growing in strength, your babies may occasionally dream inside. This also manifests in rapid eye movement under their eyelid and random body movements.

What Is the Size of the Babies?

Your babies will now mature from the size of a coconut to a wonderful mango. The growth would seem substantial when compared to how they were in the previous week. The length of the babies, when measured appropriately, would usually be somewhere around 28 centimetres, with a weight of 500 grams or so. The size of twins or triplets would increase massively in the next couple of weeks.

Size of the baby in 23 weeks

Common Bodily Changes

Most women usually have a calm pregnancy in the 23rd week. Any changes that occur in the body are all a remnant of the previous weeks, carrying forward or growing in intensity.

  • Just the way your tummy keeps on increasing at its pace, your breasts will grow in size too. This will continue for a week or two, and then they will reach their full size. This enlargement is not simply a physical aspect. There are different developments happening within them as well. The mammary glands begin to activate gradually to provide milk to the babies post-delivery. Some women might begin to secrete a yellowish colour leakage from their breasts, which is pretty thick. This is the very first milk that your breasts produce; it is termed colostrum. Usually, it occurs early after birth so that the baby can have it right away. However, if it happens earlier, it is not a problem. The only discomfort you would experience is that your bra will be soaked.
  • With your pregnancy rushing, the hormones lose control all over again and tend to fluctuate randomly. As a result, you may feel low and sad for nothing in particular, and then suddenly, you may be happy and deliriously cheerful for the rest of the day. Every day or week might seem unique in that aspect, and it is best to keep track of what you feel by journaling your thoughts.
  • Preeclampsia is a serious medical condition and can affect pregnant women at any time. One of the major signs of it is swelling that occurs rapidly, is excessively large, and persists for a long. In other cases, swelling normally goes away in some time. This is termed oedema and strongly affects the legs. One of the major causes of this is reduced blood circulation since all the focus is on the uterus receiving the bulk of the supply. This kind of swelling can be handled by keeping your legs elevated and bringing down the amount of sodium you consume as part of your diet.

Back pain in pregnant lady

Symptoms of Twin Pregnancy at 23 Weeks

The signs of a twin pregnancy at 23 weeks are quite evident. You will notice that some of the previous symptoms will appear again around this time.

  • Your blood pressure may decrease or stay at the lower level as you are still in the second trimester. It will go back to normal in the third trimester.
  • When pregnant with twins or multiples at 23 weeks, a rehearsal of labour starts at random times. You may experience false contractions that resemble labour. But there is no need to fret since these are not as intense as the actual labour contractions, but the usual Braxton Hicks ones. Most of the time, their frequency tends to increase around the 23rd week of pregnancy, as many muscles of the body participate in this, checking if they are good to go when the time comes.
  • As if swelling of the arms and feet was not enough, your back will begin to hurt as well. And when pregnant with twins or triplets, there will be more pressure on your back. You may have back pain throughout the week, particularly in the lower region. Your uterus will expand, too, shifting the internal organs and even pressing down on any nerves that are located in and around. Furthermore, the increasing weight, which makes it necessary for the vertebrae to bear the brunt of the load, may put that entire region under a stressful setting. Staying aware of it and keeping away from any activity that could increase the pressure further is your best bet to handle the situation effectively.
  • Those earlier instances where you would spot blood in your mouth after brushing your teeth would reappear this week. With rampant growth inside your uterus, the blood circulation will increase, making the gums highly sensitive. Most of the bleeding usually occurs when the gums are irritated, which is why you might spit out a little blood when you brush. However, if a dental ache of any sort accompanies the bleeding, it might lead to tooth decay or gingivitis too.

Twin Pregnancy – Belly at 23 Weeks

Your belly at 23 weeks pregnant will start showing the characteristics of a twin pregnancy belly. This means that in comparison to a singleton pregnancy at 23 weeks, your belly would measure a few weeks ahead of that time. But every pregnancy is different, and the belly size can be influenced by genes, by your height and weight as well. So there is no standard measure that you need to watch out for.

Twin Pregnancy at 23 Weeks – Ultrasound

You can certainly take home the 23 weeks pregnant with twins pictures through routine ultrasound. Most scans around this stage are focused on ensuring that the fat deposits on the body and the weight gain are progressing as expected. Furthermore, you might notice the nipples making their initial appearance this week. The chances of seeing your babies respond to your voice or tummy rubs are also high.

What to Eat?

Diversity is the key in this week, making sure that the diet you intake has nearly every nutritional element you can think of in copious quantities. Iron, calcium, and numerous vitamins stay at the topmost priority as usual. Drinking water and other fluids should also be a thing to focus on.

Pregnant lady drinkin juice

Pregnancy Care Tips

Things might start getting a little discomforting around this week, but there’s nothing you cannot handle with a few simple tips.


  • Make use of nasal strips or humidifiers in your room to handle any instances of a stuffy nose.
  • Begin investing in financing options for your children to get an early start on their future.


  • Avoid working for long hours without a break since it can make the swelling worse.
  • Don’t refrain from grabbing some quick naps in the afternoon if you struggle to sleep calmly at night.

What You Need to Shop For?

You might already have most items in your possession by now, so you can hop out for a quick shopping of:

  • Soft blankets or cuddly swaddles for the babies
  • A journal to put down numerous thoughts about your pregnancy


1. How Many Months Are There When 23-week Pregnant?

Pregnancy is often referred to in terms of trimesters, weeks, or months. When you are 23 weeks pregnant with twins, you are in the sixth month, i. e. the second trimester.

As a mother-to-be, when you are 23 weeks pregnant with twins, movement of any kind inside your tummy could instantly make you feel connected with your babies. Cherish moments like these and create memories that you can recall later once your babies grow up.


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