Twin Pregnancy Week 22: Symptoms, Baby Size, Body Changes & more

22 Weeks Pregnant With Twins or Multiples

You might begin to feel that being pregnant with twins at 22 weeks is now going to turn into a demanding task. Thankfully, your happy times, which form the golden phase of the entire pregnancy, are still ongoing and you can rest assured about it. Feeling the movement of your children, trying to pinpoint which baby kicked at what point of time and many other activities can keep your mood high and allow you to form the crucial bond with your little ones. No wonder your babies are on the rapid path of growth and their weight will begin to make it a tad difficult for you to hold yourself and walk around. This can be a good time to do as much as you comfortably can until it begins to reach a point of no return.

The Growth of the Babies at 22 Weeks

The weight of your children keeps on increasing through the entire duration of the pregnancy and this is one of those functions that happen on their own accord when supported with proper nutrition on the mother’s part.

Within the babies, if the previous week focused more on the core parts of survival and procuring energy, this week begins to shift its attention towards perceiving the environment and making head and tail of it. The senses receive a boost in their development, as the eyes start increasing their strength and the ability to discern different sounds begins to manifest in the ears as well. The womb does seem quieter when compared with the outside world, due to all the covering and protection it has. However, your babies can hear a lot of sounds that exist within your body, right from the heartbeats to the rushing flow of blood, your voice and humming sounds, and a few external sources as well. If you have already been talking to your children all this while, make sure you ramp it up because they would be able to develop an affinity for your voice in a much better manner this week.

Remember that moment every parent talks about when their little one reached out and grasped their finger tightly, never to let it go? You will experience the beauty of that moment, and from more than one baby, whose foundation begins from this week. The brain starts testing out the muscular strength and its capacities, causing babies to close their fists and grip anything they can lay their hands on. This could even be their umbilical cords or the surface of the uterus, all of which is natural.

Most babies still tend to look very gaunt around this time, because their skin is thin and even a little translucent. But over the coming months, the fat deposits on their body begin to increase and the skin stretches itself properly, turning your babies into cute puddles of love.

What Is the Size of the Babies?

Continuing our long-held tradition of comparing babies with fruits as a reference to their size, the 22nd week would put them at par with a nice coconut. Most babies tend to be around 9-11 inches in length by this week and their weight hits the 400-gram mark quite easily. Twins and triplets will be comparatively smaller than these values, and as long as your doctor deems it fine, you’re all good.

What Is the Size of the Babies?

Common Bodily Changes

The 22nd week of pregnancy with multiples inside your belly is filled with a bunch of random developments that can all be unique in their own way, with some being highly welcome.

  • You probably never imagined your navel to be any different once you grew up since it takes its final form pretty soon in childhood. However, with the uterus sinking lower in the abdomen and yet continuing to grow to encompass the babies inside, this pressure can also affect your tummy structure, including your navel. Similar to what you might have seen on the Internet or amongst pregnant women at your support group, you might tend to have a pregnancy which results in pushing your belly button outward. Nicknamed an outie, it might seem extremely strange to you the first time you see it, but it gets normalised soon enough. All that adjustment of space that takes place inside your abdomen ends up leaving nearly nothing for the button, causing it to pop outside. For the ones who are worried about the appearance, don’t fret since your navel will return to its usual state after delivery.
  • Hormones always tend to cause a lot of havoc for pregnant women. But sometimes, they do have some good side-effects, such as the pregnancy glow, which is a result of the skin secreting its natural oils regularly and lending smoothness and clarity like never before. Similarly, hair growth receives a boost as well. For women who love long and thick hair, you’d be in for a treat with the increased mass of hair on your head and the lovely structure it develops. On the flip side, this hair growth is not restricted to that area, and you might find body hair overgrowing, too. While some areas of hair growth might cause you to feel discomfort, you can either carry it on until you deliver, or opt for hair removal techniques that are safe during pregnancy.  
  • Happy times put you in a good mood which can manifest itself in a variety of ways. Blame this on the hormones as well, or take it up to your own desires, as you start feeling the need to engage in some coitus with your partner. The sexual drive is usually at a good level in the second trimester, but the 22nd week can bring it to another peak, making the entire process quite pleasurable for you as well. Having sexual intercourse is completely safe, though you might have to resort to different positions to make it happen.

Common Bodily Changes

Symptoms of Twin Pregnancy at 22 Weeks

Most of the symptoms that you would experience this time around won’t be any different from what you’ve been experiencing all this while. Some might be stronger, while others might tone down from the earlier intensity.

  • With the bellybutton popping out and your pregnancy making itself more evident, your nice round tummy might be a sight that takes the attention of many people around. This would also bring the stretch marks present on it, which might be very clear in some women. For mothers pregnant with twins or triplets, these are an even stronger issue since the skin is stretched far beyond its usual nature, leading to numerous stretch marks occurring on the body. You can choose to own them and be proud of housing multiple babies in your body, or opt for using creams that can reduce their evident nature temporarily.
  • You might be pretty tired from changing your panties numerous times, even after making use of liners to keep the discharge in check. There sadly is no way to control the amount of release and it is best to not interfere with it as well. In any case, that should not be a problem while indulging in some sexual activity with your partner, and only if it is coupled with bleeding that is continuous, you should bring it to a doctor’s attention.
  • The popped-out navel is just one of the results of an enlarged uterus. The pressure affects the circulation as well as the blood vessels, causing your hands and feet to have bouts of swelling at random times. These are usually gradual and fade away in some time, too. Similarly, there might be instances where you feel a bit dizzy and fail to take deep breaths or end up feeling exhausted, all due to the pressure on the lungs and the diaphragm. That’s fine as long as you take care to keep your balance.

Twin Pregnancy – Belly at 22 Weeks

The development of 22 weeks twins in pregnancy will make your belly a lot larger than it usually is at this stage. The discomfort around it will be present, along with chances of increased backache and trouble walking around normally.

Twin Pregnancy at 22 Weeks – Ultrasound

Any mid-pregnancy ultrasounds would be wrapped up by this week. While some mothers might enjoy seeing their babies move around, others might witness them lying still inside. Don’t worry since your babies tend to sleep a lot as well, and you can always hear their heartbeat going strong.

What to Eat

Focus on food items that have a lot of cellulose, calcium as well as different dairy products. Fibrous foods and fruits should always be included to prevent constipation as much as possible. Iron supplements along with vitamin complex capsules are a great way to support your diet.

What to Eat

Pregnancy Care Tips

Yet again, you don’t need to do anything out of the ordinary to take care of yourself in the 22nd week of the pregnancy.


  • Engage in light exercise that strengthen your back and help you keep your energy levels high.
  • Maintain cleanliness of hands by cutting your nails regularly.


  • Keep away from spicy food items as they can directly impact your baby.
  • Avoid using a heating pad in areas that are close to the uterus.

What You Need to Shop For

With your development and the baby’s growth going hand-in-hand, go ahead and shop for:

  • Baby wipes as well as a good first aid kit
  • Bra pads or maternity bras to control the breast leakage

When you are 22 weeks pregnant with twins, foetal development seems to occur at lightning speed, leaving you overwhelmed at times. Know that it is an entirely natural process and you will develop the skills necessary to mother your children properly in good time.

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