Twin Pregnancy Week 36: Symptoms, Fetal Development & Body Changes

36 Weeks Pregnant With Twins or Multiples

Wow! You made it. You actually are 36 weeks pregnant with twins or multiples, carrying them in your belly for nearly 9 months now! While medically this stage would still be considered in the premature period, most pregnant mothers would find it hilarious since they feel like their babies would emerge any moment now. Your pregnancy has reached a pretty good stage, and any final growth processes would be finishing up quickly within you.

The excitement would definitely be palpable, with extreme precautions and readiness being taken on every front of your life. This is usually paired with a sense of anxiety at finally realizing that the D-day is here. Belief in your own self and being in line with your doctor’s recommendations is a great way to ensure things proceed in the best way possible. But, knowing everything about week 36 of pregnancy is also an important part of the preparation. In this article, we will talk about all the changes you and your baby will go through at week 36.

The Growth of the Babies at 36 Weeks

With the 36th week of pregnancy upon you, your little ones in the womb have had more than enough time to grow to a stage that allows their bodies to take care of themselves effectively. This would be clearly visible in the different functionalities they would be carrying out by now.

One of the crucial processes that help in supporting life outside the womb is breathing. By now, your babies would have fully matured lungs. Therefore, if they do need to be delivered at this point, they wouldn’t require medical assistance for breathing.

The hair on the bodies of the babies usually disappears by this week and combines with the vernix, forming a thick white fluid of sorts.

Since the babies are breathing in the amniotic fluid and are able to carry out sucking activities within the womb, some proportion of the hair and the vernix enters their body. This is what combines within and forms the meconium, which is what constitutes the first poop of most newborns.

Your babies have pretty much learnt how to suck properly. Furthermore, their gums have turned out to be firm and rigid, which allows the little ones to latch on to the breasts properly and drink milk in the right manner. As for their teeth, they have all developed properly deep under the gums and will begin to rise in the coming months following their birth.

36 weeks pregnant

Most of the crucial processes such as the circulation of blood, the defensive nature of the immune system, the processing of fluids and flushing them out by the kidneys, the secretion of specific enzymes by the liver, have all reached a good point of optimal functioning. This is why babies that are born in the 36th week of pregnancy require to be under medical supervision for just a few days before they can be taken home and can start living their lives happily.

Size of the Babies at 36 Weeks

Concerns about the growth of your twins or multiples would not exist anymore by now majorly because their weights are quite evident to you.

With their head to toe length being pretty much around 44-45 centimetres and each child weighing roughly 2.4-2.5 kilograms, you would be more than looking forward to pushing them out of your body as soon as you can!

The information provided above is about most of what your little ones are going through at week 36. Likewise, your body is also going through some changes. Let’s take a look at them.

Common Bodily Changes at 36 Weeks

Since you have completed nearly 9 months of pregnancy with your children, your body has truly seen every possible change all these months. A few of them might arise in this week, pertinent to signalling your delivery.

  • Women who are pregnant in their 36th week tend to have a lot of trouble moving around in a confident manner. The body is experiencing an extremely strange condition right now. Rarely has it ever carried so much weight at the same time, with most of it being present inside the body itself. Especially with twins or multiples being present in your belly, the size would be pretty large and even restrict your line of sight when you are climbing stairs or walking on an uneven surface. The loosening of the ligaments and the change in the alignment of the joints also don’t help and might make you feel like you are being transported in a body that you are not fully aware of. The hormones are yet to come back to a normal level, and the swelling of your feet would further skew your balance. Proper precautions and sticking to a slow, gradual movement when you navigate yourself can keep you safe.
  • Another consequence of the increasing body size weight is a variety of aches and pains that make you aware of nearly every part of your body. The latter stages of the pregnancy, when your body prepares for delivery, tend to make these pains worse. The main reason behind it is the adjustment of various areas within your pelvis, including the pelvic joint. Secretion of the relaxin hormones plays a vital role in this regard as it causes the area to relax and expand, facilitating the passage of the babies via the birth canal during delivery. Since the joints are loosened and cannot offer the same strength and support to your weight, a lot of stress is borne by the back and the hip, causing discomfort and pain.

Aches and pains 36 weeks pregnant

  • The 36th week of pregnancy will have most pregnant women worrying immensely about what emerges from their vagina. The body, being extremely careful about keeping the baby safe, might increase the frequency of vaginal discharge in an attempt to disinfect it and keep it at its healthiest when the babies pass through it. While the discharge has usually been milky in colour or even colourless, around this late pregnancy stage, it might get thicker than before, with a slight introduction of colour, which has either a brown or pinkish hue. However, if the discharge seems extremely odd than the usual one, it could even indicate that the mucus plug that keeps your passage blocked has detached, which is a strong sign that labour might set in soon.

Symptoms of Twin or Multiple Pregnancy at 36 Weeks

Most of the symptoms that you experience once the final stage of pregnancy sets in will seem stronger this week. It can easily get irritating for you, and patience is key to getting through this. Here are some of the signs of pregnancy when carrying twins or multiples at 36 weeks.

  • One welcome symptom that mothers usually have by this week is the ability to breathe fully like a normal human being again. A process called lightening usually occurs, which is used to describe the movement of children in the lower section of your uterus, as they prepare for delivery. This descent in the lower section of your pelvis allows for additional space in the upper area of the uterus. Once it occurs, various organs present in the chest region, especially your lungs and your diaphragm, can heave a sigh of relief, quite literally. They can now start expanding and contracting just the way they used to, allowing you to breathe deeply and easily without much effort.
  • While the descent of babies is making your breathing easier, it would consequently be a nightmare for your digestive system. All the weight and pressure would now be on the stomach and intestines, leading to irritation and increased bouts of constipation, heartburn and indigestion.
  • Sleep might also seem like a long lost friend in this week. You could make attempts to calm your mind and rid it of all your anxious thoughts. You could adjust your sleeping position to make it easier on your body. But despite everything, you still might encounter trouble falling asleep peacefully.

Sleeping better at 36 weeks pregnant

36 Weeks Pregnant With Twins or Multiples – The Belly

Your belly would have achieved the most rounded shape it has ever had by this week. Most women with multiple babies do have this shape, while some extremely rare ones might tend to have a smaller belly than most. However, this is never a cause for worry as long as the babies have achieved all milestones of growth.

36 Weeks Pregnant With Twins or Multiples – The Ultrasound

Any ultrasound scans conducted this week would have one and only one primary focus, which would be to ensure that your babies are ready to be delivered. Their position plays a key role in this regard. Any non-ideal positions would be attempted to be corrected by non-invasive techniques initially. Any pending tests and checkups would be wrapped up too.

36 Weeks Pregnant With Twins or Multiples – The Diet

You’re already at the completion of your pregnancy. However, the dietary focus should continue to be on the essentials, such as folic acid, iron, calcium, zinc and vitamin C since they can help the babies through any development cycles that might still need completing. Their growth also keeps moving ahead so a simple diet that also helps keep your own weight under control would be a good choice.

36 Weeks Pregnant With Twins or Multiples – Pregnancy Care Tips

Your pregnancy has almost completed, and you are prepping for delivery. A few tips on that front can make the entire process easier for you.


  • Talk to your doctor if you might be undergoing a natural or caesarean delivery.
  • Recheck your essentials bag and let your partner take another trial run.

Pregnancy care tips


  • Don’t refrain from taking light walks or swimming in a pool.
  • Avoid taking off your bra when you sleep if your breasts need support.

36 Weeks Pregnant With Twins or Multiples – Things You Need to Shop for

You would already have bought enough for yourself and the baby. Nonetheless, here’s a quick list to ensure you have everything you and your partner would need immediately after the babies arrive.

  • Overnight pyjamas and extra clothes for your partner.
  • A simple digital stopwatch for your partner.
  • Extra Diapers and Tissues; you can never have enough of these.
  • Baby clothing, onesies, swaddles, caps, mittens, socks, etc. for twins or multiples.
  • Breast pump.
  • Sanitary napkins.
  • Extra comfy gowns/robes for the expectant mother.
  • Nursing bras.

For women who are 36 weeks pregnant with twins or multiples, signs of labour are all they are looking for. You are at 9 months, and your babies are eager to come out and see the world for themselves, too. Have faith and patience through your delivery to make it the best for both of you.

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