20 Best Outdoor Activities & Games for Toddlers

20 Best Outdoor Activities and Games for Toddlers

If your toddler is indoors most of the time, it can not only set-in the monotony but also limit their walking space and curiosity. One of the best ways to keep toddlers entertained and engrossed is by involving them in some outdoor fun games and activities, and in this post, we have some interesting outside games for toddlers that will keep these growing munchkins physically active.

List of Outside Activities and Games for Your Toddler

Let the cool breeze and bright sunlight do their magic as you try some of these outdoor ideas for toddlers!

1. Make the Balloon Stay

Kids love playing with colorful balloons and being in open spaces; therefore, this activity can make your kiddo ecstatic!

Make the Balloon Stay

What You Will Need

  • Inflated balloons


  • Give one balloon each to every child.
  • Ask the kids to tap the balloons with their hands.
  • The kid who keeps the balloon up in the air by tapping it for the maximum amount of time without dropping it in the ground will be the winner!

What Skills Toddlers Achieve From This: Striking and volleying

2. The Fastest Toy Puller

This is one of the most fun outdoor activities for two-year-old kids that should ideally be played in groups.

The Fastest Toy Puller

What You Will Need

  • Few pieces of soft rope
  • Wheeled toys


  • Tie one end of the rope to the toy and give the other end to the kid.
  • Mark a start and finish point.
  • Make all kids stand at the start point, and on being signalled, everyone should start running towards the finish line as they pull their toys along.
  • The first one to reach the finish mark wins!

What Skills Toddlers Achieve From This: Team building skills, gross motor skills, and muscle dexterity.

3. Jumping in the Puddles

Most parents wonder how to conduct outdoor activities during rainy seasons, well, rains cannot turn the fun days into a big damp squib as you can indulge your kiddo in some exciting activities such as this one!

jumping in the Puddles

What You Will Need

  • Puddles


  • Get your kids decked up in raincoats and gumboots.
  •  Let your toddlers jump and hop in puddles.

What Skills Toddlers Achieve From This: Hopping and jumping

4. Hide and Seek in the Park

Well, this game is not only confined to closed spaces, but it’s really exciting to play it outdoors with your kiddo!

Hide and Seek in the Park

What You Will Need

  • Three to four players


  • You can play this game in a park, garden, and even your lawn, where there are bushes, trees, and other such hiding places.
  • You can bring in a few changes by asking your kids to call out the name of the seeker as the kids keep changing their hiding places.

What Skills Toddlers Achieve From This: Basic cognitive skills and social skills

5. Hopscotch

This is of the best outdoor games that toddlers can be engrossed in!


What You Will Need

  • Some colored chalks


  • Using the colorful chalks, make a hopscotch grid on a flat concrete surface.
  • Number each grid as per your choice.
  • Ask your kiddo to jump on different numbered grids as you call out various numbers or let the child jump and hop on his own.

What Skills Toddlers Achieve From This: Basic mathematic knowledge and physical strength

6. Spray Painting

Let your kiddo have some fun with colors with this activity!

Spray Painting

What You Will Need

  • Few non-toxic paints
  • Paintbrushes
  • White chart paper


  • Spread the chart papers in your lawn or park.
  • Mix some paint and ask your kiddo to dip the paintbrushes in different colors one by one.
  • Instruct the kids to spray the paint on the chart paper.

What Skills Toddlers Achieve From This: Basic knowledge of colors and painting

7.  Hunting the Treasure

One of the extremely fun and exciting things to do outside with toddlers, this activity will amuse and entertain the preschoolers to the core!

Hunting the Treasure

What You Will Need

  • Some toys
  • Some candies, chocolates, and other edible treats


  • Hide the toys and other items of treasure in a confined space in your lawn or park. You can also bury a few treasures to make the activity more interesting.
  • Divide the kids into two or more teams and ask them to find treasures listed for them.
  • The team that finds all the treasures first will be the winner!

What Skills Toddlers Achieve From This: Gross motor skills, social skills, and teamwork.

8. Passing the Ball

Playing with a ball is something that most toddlers enjoy, and this group activity brings in a little twist to make it more interesting.

Passing the Ball

What You Will Need

  • A softball


  • Make all the kids stand in a circle and ask them to pass the ball as they count numbers. For example, the first kid holding the ball says one and passes the ball, the second kid says two, and so on.
  • You should stand facing the other side, and as you say stop, the kid with the ball will be out from the game.
  • The kid standing with the ball, in the end, will be the winner.

What Skills Toddlers Achieve From This: Working in a group and learning numbers

9. Fun With Sponges

Get your kiddo’s creative streak out with this exciting activity!

Fun With Sponges

Source: Pinterest

What You Will Need

  • A bucket filled with water
  • Few pieces of sponges


  • Let the kids soak the sponges in water and throw them on a cemented wall.
  • For the added fun, you can add some washable colors to the water too.

What Skills Toddlers Achieve From This: Grabbing and throwing

10. Growing a Mini-Garden

An interesting activity to stimulate your kid’s curiosity as they learn about nature and their surroundings.

Growing a Mini-Garden

What You Will Need

  • Few pots
  • Vegetable plants


  • Fill the pot with potting soil.
  • Plant the already thriving saplings and wait for them to grow.

What Skills Toddlers Achieve From This: Gross motor skills and a sense of accomplishment

11. Walk Like Animals

This crazy fun-filled activity will enthral your toddler!

Walk Like Animals

What You Will Need

  • Props like bunny ears headbands, reindeer bands, etc. (optional)


  • Make your kiddo wear any animal-themed prop that you have with you.
  • Ask him to hop, jump, run, or even slither like the animal that he is dressed as.

What Skills Toddlers Achieve From This: Learning about animals and dexterity

12. Escape the Monster

Kids love to run around, and when it comes to escaping from monsters, well, they would love to run away from them!

Escape the Monster

What You Will Need

  • A scarf or a piece of cloth for blindfolding


  • The person acting as the monster will be required to be blindfolded.
  • The kids need to run around in a confined open space while the monster tries to catch them.

What Skills Toddlers Achieve From This: Gross motor skills and social skills

13. Car Racing

Racing games are not only fun, but when this outdoorsy fun is combined with cars, it becomes all the more exciting!

Car Racing

What You Will Need

  • Colored chalks to draw the tracks
  • Toy cars


  • Draw tracks, start and finish lines using colored chalks.
  • Ask the kids to place their cars at the starting point and on go ask them to start pushing their cars towards the finish line.
  • The kid who crosses the finish line first will be declared the winner!

What Skills Toddlers Achieve From This: Overall fine motor coordination and more precision in using muscles

14. Stacking the Rocks

Rocks, pebbles or stones are some things that fascinate young kids, and this outdoor activity involves the use of rocks!

Stacking the Rocks

What You Will Need

  • Different sizes of flat rocks and stones


  • Collect different sizes of rocks with your kiddo.
  • Ask your kid to try and stack as many rocks as he can.

What Skills Toddlers Achieve From This: Fine motor skills and visual judgment

15. Sandbox Fun

The versatile nature of sand makes for an excellent outdoor activity material!

Sandbox Fun

What You Will Need

  • A sandbox
  • Your kiddo’s favorite toys


  • Place the sandbox in your backyard or lawn
  • Let your kid indulge in some imaginative play as he uses sand and toys to create something of his own.

What Skills Toddlers Achieve From This: Creativity and imagination, and encourages family bonding

16. Mud Prints

Another outdoorsy activity that your toddler would love is printing his hand impressions on the mud!

Mud Prints

What You Will Need

  • You and your kid
  • Someplace with mud or sand


  • Go on the beach or simply lay your hands on a pile of sand and go crazy with your kiddo by making a hand, foot, fist, or any kind of prints that you want.

What Skills Toddlers Achieve From This: Enhanced tactile sense

17. Prick the Bubble

Let your toddler go bonkers pricking and running around the bubbles with this activity!

Prick the Bubble

What You Will Need

  • A bubble maker


  • Use the bubble maker to blow bubbles
  • Ask your kiddo to run and prick the bubbles.
  • The activity can also be conducted as a competition amongst toddlers to see who burst the maximum bubbles.

What Skills Toddlers Achieve From This: Improved eye and body coordination and object tracking

18. Escape the Hose

One of the most fun activities with water, this one is surely going to create loads of fun with all the squealing and screaming!

Escape the Hose

What You Will Need

  • A hose and water supply


  • Ask your kiddo and other members of the family to stay within a confined area as you navigate the water hose.
  • Everyone is required to duck the hose and save themselves from getting wet!

What Skills Toddlers Achieve From This: Developing overall body strength and bonding with family

19. Art

Hone your kiddo’s artistic streak with this activity!

Child Rock Painting

What You Will Need

  • Different sized stones
  • Acrylic colors
  • Paintbrush


  • Help your kiddo to paint on the rocks.
  • Place the rocks in your lawn or garden to display your kiddo’s artwork.

What Skills Toddlers Achieve From This: Enhanced movement of fingers and being creative

20. Collect the Seashells

Turn your beach visit into a fun activity for your kiddo, with this interesting activity!

Collect the Seashells

What You Will Need

  • A set of beach tools
  • A container to store the seashells


  • Give your little one the beach tools and ask him to dig or look for seashells.
  • Help him collect the ones that do not have any living creatures inside them.
  • Wash well before storing

What Skills Toddlers Achieve From this: Finger dexterity, and improved hand movement

Outdoor activities and games are important for your kid’s better physical and mental growth. Indulge in some of these activities that can also help you in developing a better bond with your little one!

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